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Newest Service Providers

The Pinepiper

The Pine Piper is a small business, based in Pinelands, specialising in commercial and domestic maintenance plumbing and geysers. We are committed to excellence and offer a professional, prompt and...

Baloo Plumbing

Baloo Plumbing was established 18 years ago by founder, Frans van Sittert, who is a licensed and qualified plumber himself, with years of industry experience. Baloo Plumbing has endured enormous...

Drainmen Services

The Drainmen Services Group was hand chosen, to represent BRAWOLINER within the Western Cape of South Africa. Being of German decent, their top quality engineered lining for pipe rehabilitation is...

Watt's Plumbing

Watts Plumbing undertakes all aspects of plumbing, large and small, and regularly works hand in hand with architects, building contractors, engineers, project managers and interior designers. Operating in Cape Town...

Amazon Plumbing

EFFICIENT. RELIABLE. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE 24/7 Why choose Amazon Plumbing Services? We will explain all of your options and make sure we understand the problem and you understand the solution. We...

Trojan Plumbing

Trojan Plumbing offer unsurpassed Plumbing Expertise at affordable prices. Our service offering caters for general household plumbing maintenance to complex construction plumbing in both the residential and commercial market. Trojan...

Greenz Plumbing

Greenz Plumbing started in 2011. No complicated business strategy – just offer my clients: fast, efficient and friendly service. Through word of mouth referrals from so many fantastic clients, Greenz...

Mastertech Plumbing & Leak Detection

Plumbing maintenance requires years of hard work and training, something that we possess, making sure that your plumbing is left in the best possible hands to complete the job, the...

Jj Lourens Plumbing

Experience has taught us that maintaining a successful business lies in excellent service and customer satisfaction. In these highly competitive times, it is vital to offer good quality service and...