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Recent Service Providers

Jd Gates

Whith a highly experienced team, JD Gates offers a very wide variety of services and products. These services range from security and electrical maintenance to professional painting. For a more...

Firewood Africa

We supply all types of high quality firewood to our customers in all Southern African regions.

Logoman Designs

Umlazi KZN
Logoman Designs is the Small Business Branding Agency. Whether you’re a startup or an existing company, we collaborate with you to grow your brand, drive customers to your website or...

Merle's Carpets

Merle's Carpets is one of the largest Persian/Oriental carpet cleaning companies in KZN. Who also offers a repair services for these handmade carpets. After being in the flooring industry for...

Mega Music Djs

Services ✔ dj's

Wallaroo Wallpapering

Services ✔ wallpapers & wall coverings

Renee Burrows Design Studio

Services ✔ t-shirt printing ✔ printing

African Naturescape Gardens and Water Features

Sandton GP
African Naturescape Gardens, Landscapers & Water Features know that landscaping and water features hold interest in today’s high-pressure world. As a professional landscaping company headed by me, Phil Francis I...

Iintombi Cleaning And Gardening Services

Kathu NC
We provide commercial,industrial cleaning,deep cleaning of carpets,wash cars,supply cleaning chemicals,we also supply tea making groceries.

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