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Newest Service Providers

Zeus Protection

We are a SME company who believes security is about prevention first. We will ensure you are secure, happy and well looked after at any event. Specialising in Bodyguarding, Courts...

Pupuma and Associates

We offer a world class service in East London. We offer in-house accounting services and training to help you manage your finances while concentrating on your business. We come to...

Kim's Freelance Accounting Services

Cashbook reconciliation, debtors/creditors control, Accounts receivable/payable, Bonds, Loan accounts, Tax, Detailed ledger, Cashflow statement, Income statement, Income statement analysis, Control account management, Vehile stannics


Myriad was formed originally in 2004 by the current Directors. The team comprises of specialists in Accounting, Tax and Advisory and is fortunate to pull in further resources from within...

Marais & Smith Chartered Accountants

The firm of Marais and Smith Chartered Accountants was formed as a direct result of the withdrawal of the assurance division (audit and accounting) of Deloitte from East London. We,...

Khwalo Business Accountants & Auditors

Khwalo is the Private Company that is managed and owned by the previously disadvantaged Youth. Khwalo Business Accountants and Auditors specialises in providing practical solutions specifically designed to enhance the...

Munro Accountancy Inc

As a Boutique Accounting Service our aim is not to be the biggest Accounting Firm, nor do we believe in landing as many clients as possible simply to allow us...


Tax Services Estate Planning Training & Coaching Bookkeeping & Administration Services Personal Finance Management

MabCon Financial Services

The founders of MabCon Financial Services started planning the company in 2010 and officially started operating in July 2014. Our Professional Accountants have more than 5years experience in the industry....