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Recent Service Providers

Sand Tiger Projects

Sand Tiger Projects(Pty) Ltd is a young, dynamic shopfitting company offering a complete turnkey solution encompassing the various allied tasks. Our services include the design and manufacture of shopfitted items...

Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations are international and interstates removalists. Crown’s South African offices are part of a global network of over 260 locations in 54 countries and will manage your move door...

PG Glass Middelburg Mpumalanga

Services ✔ glazing contractors

Skylight Creations

Sandton GP
Services ✔ ventilation contractors ✔ timber decking ✔ skylights ✔ patios

Pro X-pools

George WC
Our Pool shells outlive their warranty. We hand laminate our pools because a strong durable product far out weighs technology when it comes to retaining water in the harsh weather...

Zulluland Towing

Services: towing services, recovery services

Mcallisters Catering

At McAllister Catering spearheading our ethos is our client-focused work ethic. Every member on our team works towards customer satisfaction. Our single-minded dedication to service excellence certainly sets us apart,...

Komani Automotive

Mechanical , motor car , services and engine repairs.

Freeze O Matic

Services ✔ refrigerators & freezers - repairs

Recent Services Requested

Posted by
Promise T.
When: Emergency
Job Description: I have 2 dogs. I need them to be able to scare strangers away. Protect / hard the house and Not friendly. To learn and obey rules. They are 1 year 3 months old.
Jun 6, 2020
Posted by
Penelope M.
When: See job details
Job Description: For a wedding I'm planning 26 December 2020 after lock down if it is uplifted. I need a limousine for occasion.
Jun 6, 2020
Posted by
Zoe H.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: This is a residential property. I have a termite problem in our workshop storeroom. The termite nest is still there and I am needing it removed and the termites eradicated. I have an Ant problem on the property in the driveway and around the foundations of the house and possibly in the roof. I have two dogs so I need...
Jun 6, 2020
Posted by
Edwin T.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: Electrical service - the vehicle needs sensors (Jaquar X type 3.0) Petrol - P0102 - airflow sensor - P0112 - Intake air temperature - P0386 - Camshaft position sensor - P1532 - Intake manifold communication control circuit - P1647 - Oxygen sensor.
Jun 6, 2020