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Graskop MP
Fulloutput Towing And Recovery provides towing services in Graskop, Mpumalanga and surrounding suburbs.

Ithuba Motors and Towing comprises of two major services, firstly we offer towing and recovery services to customers as well as roadside assistance. We also offer mechanical services wherein we...

Towing Accident Assist Flat battery Tyre change recovery roadside assist .

Kuruman NC
BTM Security Transport And Project provides towing services in Kuruman, Northern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Estabished and operating for over 30 years in the towing and recovery sector,we regard ourselves as Leaders in the Industry .There is no job too big or too small.We specialise...

We offer a variety of services , no job to big or to small, we can do it all. From oil changes , engine overhauls, brakes and suspension repairs. Give...

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How can a towing service be of help to me?

Towing services are able to provide valuable assistance when your vehicle needs to be moved from one place to another and this cannot be done through normal driving practices. If your vehicle has broken down, been involved in an accident or landed up in a ditch or an area which makes it impossible to drive the vehicle away, a towing service will assist in moving the vehicle for you. In the case of a vehicle collision, especially on a busy road, the towing service will assist in possibly re-directing traffic until the police arrive or the area is cleared, or providing basic assistance to injured parties.

What situations call for a towing service?

Towing services specialize in moving vehicles which cannot be driven normally for any reason. These reasons include factors such as :

  • a vehicular collision in which the vehicle is too damaged to drive (broken chassis or axle, blown tyres and rims, engine severely impacted and not working, shattered windscreen, front driver seat back twisted or broken, radiator leaking or steaming, oil leaking from engine, etc.);
  • vehicle driven off the road by accident into, for example, a ditch, up a steep incline, across a barrier structure, into the side of a wall or building, become stuck in deep mud or sand, etc.;
  • engine failure such as engine overheating, loss of oil pressure, leaking and dry radiator, broken fanbelt, stripped gears, brake failure, or other engine malfunction;
  • a flat or severely damaged tyre when you do not have an operational spare. Rather than being stuck in the middle of traffic or on the side of the road for hours, a tow truck will relocate your car to the nearest tyre centre so that you are up and running again as soon as possible.

What should you remember when making use of any towing service?

  • Only use the services of a SATRA (South African Towing & Recovery Association) or UTASA (United Towing Association of South Africa) towing service, as these services are bound by a contractually enforceable code of conduct which protects the user from being charged above market-related rates. Be aware that it is your right to refuse to use any non-accredited towing service, and that no towing service has the right to remove or tow any vehicle without the consent of the owner, driver, operator of the vehicle, or without the consent of any person who has a legal right to take possession of the vehicle; 
  • Agree on the towing charges before the vehicle is moved to avoid any unplanned additional expenses;
  • Obtain as much information as possible about the towing services company before anything is done, such as the name, physical address and landline number of the company, name of the driver and registration number of the tow truck;
  • Remove all items of value from the vehicle before it is towed;
  • If insured, make sure that the towing service used is approved by your insurer and that the vehicle will be taken to a garage or repair centre approved by the insurer;
  • In cases where your vehicle has been involved in a collision requiring towing services and you have a roadside assistance plan in place, remember that your insurer will probably be liable for the cost of the tow to an approved garage or repair centre;
  • After an accident, do not sign any documentation which you have not read through first. If you do have to sign something, make sure that it is only authorization to tow the vehicle.

How to find the right towing service for your needs

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Towing services are often affiliated with insurance companies, most of whom have their preferred suppliers, and if you are well organised, you will carry the names of these towing companies in your vehicle at all times, so they will be easy to locate. If you are looking for a tow resulting from an issue which is not insurance-related, such as an engine malfunction (particularly on older cars), driving the car into soft sand or a ditch or similar situation due to careless driving, flat battery, etc., you will need to find a towing service yourself. The Yellow Pages (both physical and online) is always a great resource. You will probably be looking for a service when you are away from your home or office and may even be sitting in your vehicle at the side of the road.

This is where a search site such as Uptasker is such a convenient and valuable aid as it lists suppliers per geographical area, allowing you to find a towing service closest to your vehicle. Being able to see their online ratings and customer reviews on this site at a glance is both comforting and useful, giving you an idea of the type of service and satisfaction provided by the listed suppliers. If the matter is not urgent, you can also check for advertisements in motoring magazines, flyers, newspapers, and ask local repair centres who they recommend.

Top towing service tips

Top towing service tips

It is never a good feeling when your vehicle has to be towed, but unfortunately it happens to most of us at some time or another. If you use a reputable and accredited towing service, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be towed safely and without damage. This is an area where you really don’t want to opt for the cheapest towing service you can find! Whatever the age of your vehicle may be, it is worth your while to use only the best towing service available to you. For more tips, see our towing services articles.

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Centurion Roadside Assistance provides towing services in Rooihuiskraal North, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Services ✔ breakdown services - motor vehicle &/or truck ✔ breakdown service ✔ towing service

Towing service based in Aliwal North , Gariepdam , Hanover and George. Best rates. Long distance and local tows. Insurance approved.

Durban KZN
For all your towing and salvage requirements please contact us for the best prices in town,we also tow boats and motorbikes,we also specialize in unwanted scrap and abandoned vehicle removals

Towing Services Roll back truck

Kuruman NC
Grand Prix Motors provides towing services in Kuruman, Northern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Umoya Panelbeaters Towing &recovery provides towing services in Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Mahappen Towing provides towing services in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Services Provided panel beaters, panelbeaters, towing services, panel beating, dent removal, spray painting, car body repairs, panelbeating services, spray painters, vehicle respraying, dent specialist, dent repairs, panel shops

Towing And Recovery

Triple A towing provides towing services in Village 1 South, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Kuruman NC
Kurara Towing provides towing services in Kuruman, Northern Cape and surrounding suburbs.