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My Handyman

We are not too big to do any small jobs in Pretoria. We do a range of Handyman jobs like – General Handyman Maintenance Commercial Maintenance Plumbing Carpentry Tiling Painting...

The Repairman

Household Maintanace and Repairs. Painting, Renovations, tiling and a lot more. We do it professionally everytime.

Reliable Handyman Service

Specialize in providing reliable handyman service to homeowners in the suburbs of Cape Town. CAN ASSIST YOU WITH INSTALLATION OR REPAIRS OR REPLACEMENT OF THE FOLLOWING: Curtains Blinds Doors Door...

1 Handyman Services

#1 Handyman Services Cape Town. No job is too big or to small for Handyman Cape Town! Our Cape Town Handyman Services Include: - Facility Management - Handyman Electrical Services...

Handyman Freddy

We Specialise in All Painting, Paving, Waterproofing and All Handyman Services that you don't have time to do call us

Splash Plumbing Contractors & Handyman

Quality Workmanship Guaranteed! Geyser Installations Geyser Elements Solar Geysers Heat Pumps Burst Pipes Blocked Drains Drain Laying Maintenance New Installations Bathroom Renovations Water Tanks Gutters Water Filters ETC... Also: Out-of-town...

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Types of handyman

Possibly a homeowner’s most valuable ally is a skilled and experienced handyman, who is able to resolve general maintenance problems, both inside and outside the house. By definition, a handyman is a “jack of all trades”, who is competent at fixing a wide range of household problems, or carrying out minor renovation work. Maintenance of offices, flats or residential complexes is often the responsibility of a permanent on-site handyman whose responsibilities may be extremely varied.

Outdoor work

Many handymen are employed to do tasks such as basic brickwork, build fences or boundary walls, clean or fix gutters, clean, repair or varnish wooden fixtures and structures such as shutters, pergolas, fences, decks and outdoor furniture, repair broken windows, fix lights, repair concrete driveways, fix gates, and weld ironwork, to name just a few of the jobs they can undertake. They may be helpful in removing rubble and garden refuse and taking such items to the dump.

Indoor tasks

Handymen are useful in attending to problems such as sticking doors or faulty locks, repairing and painting walls, carrying out small tiling jobs, basic plumbing tasks, replacing lights, repairing certain equipment or appliances, and general indoor maintenance or repairs.

They could be employed to install curtain rails, blinds, shelves, and even build basic bookshelves. Since they are experienced in many areas, they can effectively turn their skills to any number of tasks.

How to choose the right handyman

As a rule, it is always a good idea to use a handyman who has great reviews (or even personally recommended by someone). There are plenty of handymen services advertised, but you need to check that the work carried out will be to the desired standard. Poor workmanship will result in increased costs to rectify problems, so it is better to pay a little more and get the right result the first time. A good handyman will advise you upfront if there is a job which he feels is beyond his abilities, and he can either refer you to a specialist or sub-contract the job himself.

Check their recommendations and reviews

If you are planning on using a handyman who has advertised online but is not known to you, take the time to read the reviews which are available or ask if you may contact previous clients of his to assess how satisfactory his work is. Never be afraid to check workmanship and professionalism before engaging a handyman, to avoid any possible conflicts and having to have the job redone later.

Top handyman tips

Top handyman tips

If at all possible, build up a good relationship with an experienced and skilled general handyman, as he will be your “go-to” contact for all the niggly and necessary repair and general maintenance jobs which inevitably arise around the home. A reputable, professional and reliable handyman is possibly the best friend a home can have!

For more tips, see our handyman articles.

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Maspro Build

Maspro Build started by Jason and Hertzog in 2010 bring together over 29 years of building experience. Our aim is to provide an extensive range of building services to our...

Rhino Handyman

Whatever your need, no matter how big or small the job is; Rhino Handyman ensures reliable, safe and professional services – guaranteed. From general household repairs to all types of...

Rob's Handyman Services

Robs Handyman Services Specializes in repair and maintenance work,for both the interior and exterior of your home. Robs Handyman Services offers a wide range of home repair services. Services include...

MHS Contractors

MHS Contractors handyman services include: general handyman services, ceiling and roof repairs, plumbing, plastering, window replacements, tiling, painting, varnishing, paving, electrical repairs and installations, automated gates repairs and many more!

Ikthus Maintenance

Services ✔ handyman services ✔ paving ✔ tiling

YB Handyman Services

Any and all Handyman services, more than 10 years experience in all trades, call Bertus today.

Spare Husband Handyman and IT

Do you need a Spare Husband to install and repair items in your home? Is your husband too busy (or unable to) fix things in house? Guys are you too...

Drain Blasters

Drain Blasters guarantees more than just drain clearing, but strives to maintain superior levels in service and customer satisfaction. Drain Blasters has a culture of pride in performance and integrity...

Subicorp Construction & Handyman Services

Subicorp offers services ranging from basic handyman jobs to erecting steel structures, and a host of grand civil engineering jobs. Its biggest project to date is the refurbishment of the...

Durban Handyman Chris Snyman

Durban KZN
We believe in doing every project properly and giving our clients value for money. Over the last 10 years i have become an expert in finding the most cost effective...

Simon's Handyman Services

Hi there, I'm Simon Nephale, a handyman operating in Johannesburg. If you're running low on time and energy and need help with any of the following, I'm your man. Bathroom...

Uwethu General Contractors

We specialise in painting, small building works, tiling, plumbing, fencing, 'AFDAKKE" paving & all other maintenance jobs in and around the house. Qualified electrician (COC) accredited.