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Hie am Oliver Malawian .am looking for garden job.9 yeas experience. Tuesday wensday .am 30 years old .

Hi am looking for a job as a garderner I have 2 years of doing and reference is available 23yrs old boy.

For all gardening and cleaning needs.

Services: garden services, landscaping

We boast over 25 years’ experience with the unique challenges that come with Western Cape and West Coast gardening. Providing exceptional landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and...

Z V C H Trading & Projects provides gardener services in Butterworth, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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Why do we need gardeners?

A beautiful, thoughtfully planned and well looked-after garden provides not only pleasure to the homeowner, but also an invaluable surround to any house. A well-designed garden complements the style of the house and, through the inclusion of features such as patios, decks, lapas, gazebos and braai areas, expands the living areas for the homeowner. Professional landscape designers are often employed to create such gardens, but the subsequent ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the garden is the work of a gardener.

Duties of a gardener

A gardener or garden service is employed to carry out the routine maintenance of a garden. This work involves jobs such as cutting the grass, trimming the edges of paths and flower beds, weeding the flower beds, turning the soil and digging in fertiliser or compost, mulching to prevent weed growth and help preserve moisture levels in the soil, trimming shrubs and hedges, collecting and disposing of dead leaves and twigs, cleaning patios, creating new flower beds under supervision and planting of plants and shrubs. Gardeners may also be required to manually water the gardens and lawns or assist in laying automatic watering systems. Those who perform garden services may have access to their own machinery and tools, or will use the implements provided by the homeowner or organisation.

Types of gardener

Gardeners are employed by individual homeowners, organisations or companies which oversee the maintenance of larger areas such as the open areas around hospitals, office blocks, shopping centres and residential complexes.

Cultivated public spaces such as parks, nature reserves, even golf courses, are quietly and continuously cleaned and maintained by experienced garden companies or their own gardening staff.

Gardeners who work for such organisations or companies are generally knowledgeable about planting and maintenance, and are not individually supervised as they often work in small teams. A home gardener usually works directly with the homeowner and is given specific tasks to carry out under guidance or supervision, or required to carry out routine maintenance.

The work that gardeners carry out should never be underestimated. They are the silent, often unseen, workers who tend to the ongoing upkeep and beautification of one of the homeowners' most important assets, and keep our cultivated open spaces pristine and able to be enjoyed by all.

Choosing the right gardener

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Word of mouth and personal recommendation can never be underestimated when choosing the right worker for any type of job, but this is not always possible. In cases where the gardener or garden service is unknown, it is advisable to check their reputation and reliability, or preferably check their online reviews. When it comes to your garden, choose your gardener wisely, and you will have a living space which will give you many years of pleasure.

Top gardening tips

Top gardening tips

A properly maintained garden compliments a home in so many ways. Make your garden a beautiful place to be by getting a top quality gardener expert to carry out your gardening jobs.

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Our garden maintenance team has over over 7 years gardening experience, servicing over 70 residents all over Cape Town. We strive to cater to both garden enthusiasts that work closely...

Tembisa GP
All aspects of making the yard mwaa coupled with green fingers

Services ✔ garden requisites, tools & eqpt ✔ garden requisites ✔ garden equipment ✔ garden furniture ✔ garden tools and supplies ✔ tools and eqpt ✔ garden and/or outdoor furniture

Services ✔ garden services &/or layout ✔ gardens ✔ landscaping

We culting grass, clean swimming pool, trimming trees and clean the yard

Topleaf Landscapes and Projects sells landscape supply products to both residential and commercial customers. Additionally, the company also provide installation, maintenance and warranty services. We have extensive experience in the...

Westville KZN
We are Based in Dawncliffe Westville. Our aim is to provide Honest reliable Gardens Service to our local Community. We do cutting, trimming, edging, weeding, hedge shaping and refuse removal....

Garden & Pool Maintenance

We do tree felling. Bush clearing. Stump removal. Waste removal. Tree cutting. Trimming brunches. Site clearance. Fully insured. Call us for a free quotation or whtsp 0746950991

Graskop MP

We offer excellent and thorough Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning Services, Garden Maintenance for your homes. These can be once off or frequent cleaning services depending on the arrangement we have...

We have been doing Facility Management for 25 Years now. We have a good idea what commercial and residential properties need when it comes to garden and cleaning services. We...