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Solid Waste Technologies

Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

Garden Waste Removal

Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

Alagem Movers

Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

Kennametal Logistics Renovations

Services ✔ building contractors ✔ furniture removals ✔ rubbish

Mr Rubbish

Mr. Rubbish cc is a family owned and managed business. Since 1993 we have offered professional garden refuse removal services and assure you of our personal supervision at all times....

Rubble Removals Randburg

We provide a range of solutions including Solid Waste Management. Dumpster Rental. Waste Reduction. Recycling Collection. Business Waste Removal. Home Waste Removal. Garden Waste Removal. Industrial Waste Removal. Solid Waste...

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How can rubbish removalists help me?

The accumulation of rubbish, be it household, garden or industrial debris, is a natural consequence of everyday life. We clean up our gardens, sometimes quite drastically, with the removal of old plants, shrubs and trees. We redesign or renovate our homes, both inside and out, demolish unwanted walls and remove old fencing, remove large and often damaged or non-functional hardware items such as baths, toilets, basins, stoves, fridges, cupboards, carpets, and other like items, and then are stuck with the problem of what to do with the mass of discarded stones, bricks, general rubble and discarded goods which are inevitably left over at the end of the process. We cannot leave rubbish and rubble on our properties for obvious reasons, but often are unable to physically move it ourselves. This is where rubbish removalists are needed to do the job for us.

What do rubbish removalists actually do?

Rubbish removalists are specialists in the removal of general rubbish, rubble, garden refuse, unusable large appliances and hardware and other items which we no longer need. They work across residential, commercial and industrial sectors of business, and are invaluable aids in keeping our environments clean, visually appealing and tidy. Many removalists have fairly large trucks and sometimes heavy lifting equipment with which to collect rubbish, and have the added advantage of teams of experienced workers who are physically strong and able to lift and carry heavy items.

Clearing out old premises

Debris is often left behind when residential or business premises are vacated or renovated and which needs to be removed as quickly as possible to make way for new tenants. Whilst this may be more of an inconvenience in many cases, there are times when the previous owners or tenants leave a mountain of discarded rubbish or furniture behind when they leave. It is easy to employ cleaning teams, painters, tilers or gardeners to bring the premises and surrounds up to acceptable standards, but is more difficult to remove useless large appliances, unusable old fitted carpets and large piles of general rubbish. Rubbish removalists will ensure that the premises are cleared of all unwanted debris within a short period, and with the minimum of fuss.

They will remove this rubbish to the appropriate recycling or municipal dump sites without you having to worry about this yourself, as well as generally tidying the area itself.

Mini-moves may also be included

Some rubbish removalists are specialists in mini-moving operations, although this is not true of all of them. Such removalists will undertake the packing and moving of business or personal goods from one premises to another within a localized area, but this is usually on a smaller scale to furniture removalists and across tighter geographical areas, for instance within one town only. They offer the advantage of being available at shorter notice than general furniture removalists, so small moves are easier and quicker, but be aware that more complex and long-distance removals are best undertaken by large furniture removalist companies.

How to find the right rubbish removalists

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Rubbish removalists are very much a part of our daily lives and, as such, are easy to find.  They may be found by looking for local removal companies, especially if they offer both rubbish removal as well as mini-removal services. The internet is becoming a good source when searching for these removalists, as many are developing their own websites. A general search through a site such as Uptasker will speed up the process since this site has the advantage of listing services in geographical areas, enabling you to quickly find the right service in your own locality. Be sure to check online ratings and customer reviews, where possible, as these will give you the best indication of customer satisfaction levels. Rubbish removalists will list the services they offer, which is a great help in choosing the right removalist for your particular needs. You will also find them through advertisements in home and industrial magazines, newspapers and the Yellow Pages, as well as through flyers which they may distribute with special offers at certain times. If possible, use word of mouth referrals from people you know and trust who have had favourable experiences with any particular rubbish removalist company.

Top rubbish removalist tips

Top rubbish removalist tips

I think it is fair to say that we would have a more difficult time keeping our homes, gardens and business premises visually appealing after renovations or clean-ups without the assistance of rubbish removalists. The removal of garden, household or business rubbish and debris, especially in larger amounts, is a time-consuming and often daunting task for the home- or business-owner, and it is a job which is best left to the rubbish removalist’s expertise. For more tips, see our rub

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Bitou Waste & Recycling

Bitou Civils cc branched off from Seaview Plant Hire & Civil Contractors in 2003 and is based in the Plettenberg Bay area. We have over 50 years combined experience and...


Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

Natal Pak Waste

Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

Skipit Green

SkipIt Green is a local, family owned waste management services company which has been operating in Cape Town since 2014. We specialize in rubble, garden waste, and household junk removals....

Hop Skip Dump

Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

Inter Waste

Services ✔ waste management ✔ waste disposal

Waste Plan

We have full time staff on over 350 customer sites across South Africa. Our teams provide on-site recycling and waste management services to health care providers, the food &beverage industry,...


Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

Rubble Removal - LM Projects

Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

A-thermal Retort Technologies

Services ✔ waste disposal ✔ Rubbish Removal

Martin's Tree Felling

For all tree felling jobs and rubbish removals, come to us now or call us for best service in town.

Enviro Skip

Enviro is the number 1 skip hire in Durban, We offer a service for waste management in Durban, We do all things waste removal in Durban, We also do mini...