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We are highly recommended for capentry jobs .

Tembisa GP
We specialise on Carpentry, Ceilings, Rhinoliting, painting and Renovation call or WhatsApp for Quotation 0818418878. Good References*****

We specialize in hanging doors, skirting, flooring, decking, ceilings, bulkheads, Decking (timber and composite), roofing structures, tiling, drywall partining and balustrade.

Rustenburg Carpentry offers carpentry services both to residential and corporates clients. We pride our self with best services of high standard.

We do carpentry work at economical r ates including kitchen cupboards,carpots .wooden decks,roofs and a lot more

We build and design kitchens and Bedroom Cupboards We also do decorative finishes and paint techniques on kitchen cupboards and furniture. We use local timber, imported timber, granite, quartz, Melawood,...

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Types of carpenters

Carpenters are trained specialists in woodworking, and are involved in both the construction and private sectors. A construction carpenter is employed in the building of houses where wood is used as a fixture of the house, for instance, fitting wooden doors and frames, wooden window frames, wooden staircases, fitting cupboards and laying specialised wooden flooring. A privately appointed carpenter may be asked to design and fit custom-made or bespoke furniture and fittings, design and build decorative items, build decks, patios, pergolas and gazebos, as well as other outdoor structures.


Carpenters are invaluable when it comes to home or office renovation. They are able to refit or install new kitchen cupboards, either using the existing layout, or assist in the implementation of a whole new design. They are experts in fitting built-in furniture, especially for home study or living areas, and will work with the homeowner to provide a layout and functionality which works perfectly for the needs of the client.


Carpenters are called in whenever wooden structures are in need of repairs, for instance wooden stairs, cupboards, decks, floors, wooden ceilings and outdoor structures, to name but a few.

Highly experienced carpenters are skilled at repairing furniture which has been damaged, resulting in a repair which is invisible. For highly decorative antique furniture, for instance, an expert carpenter can carve or turn a piece of wood to match any broken or missing parts, and match or stain the wood so that the new addition is indistinguishable from the existing piece. This is highly skilled work, and should only be undertaken by a master carpenter with experience and an excellent reputation. If you have a valuable or well-loved piece of wooden furniture which has seen better days, don’t discard it; repair and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

How to choose the right carpenter

Check their reviews

Whilst carpenters are widely available, it is always wise to try and choose a carpenter who has been personally recommended to you. Any fitted furniture, in particular, becomes an important and immovable part of your everyday life, and so needs to be attractive, well designed, functional and made to the highest standards. Carpenters may have brochures showing examples of the work they have already carried out, from which you will be able to see their range and the quality of their workmanship. In addition, read any reviews which you can find online, and take careful note of their delivery promises and after-sales service, should anything go wrong once the job is completed. If unsure, check their work on a small job first before committing to bigger projects.

Top carpenter tips

Top carpenter tips

A good carpenter will have a solid knowledge of all aspects of woodworking, from an in-depth knowledge of various types of wood, measuring, cutting and assembling the finished product, as well as an eye for detail and the ability to turn an idea into a beautiful finished product which will last for years. You can never under-estimate the beauty of wood and the warmth and value it adds to your home.

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Custom relief wood carving wall art. Contemporary, reliefs, classics and more all items are made to order and hand finished by artist. See our collection here!

B&W Designs provides carpenter services in Cape Town, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

For all your carpentry needs

The European Carpenter is a living space architect. We offering locally designed and manufactured living spaces. They are ranging from kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms. The core focus is on...

Musina LP
Services ✔ carpenter

WE MANUFACTURE AND INSTALL CARPBOARDS. we do kitchen ,bic,shelving etc

KB Design Studio provides carpenter services in Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

We do any carpentry jobs including carports , wooden decks,roof timber structure, floors, kitchen cabinets and a lot more

We do carpentry work ceilings and skirtings

Ac Handman Pro provides carpenter services in Summer Greens, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Ramcupboards provides carpenter services in Brackenfell, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.