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Speedy Locksmith

Are you locked out? Lost your car keys? Are your keys stuck in your ignition? WE are the SOLUTION! We open houses, offices, cars and safes. We recon ignitions on...

Walmer Locksmiths

Services ✔ locksmiths ✔ keys ✔ remote controls ✔ safes opened ✔ cars opened

Olympic Locksmith

Olympic Locksmiths is in Claremont, the southern suburbs of Cape Town. It was started in 1936 in virtually the same place it is situated today. Over the years Olympic Locksmiths...

Double B Locksmith & Security

Who are we? It all started with a love for old keys and locks. Double B Locksmith & Building Maintenance provides our customers with a professional and quality mobile locksmith...

Edenvale Locksmith

Established in 1966, EDENVALE LOCKSMITHS is one of the oldest locksmith enterprises in Gauteng’s East Rand. Our Locksmiths have grown with Edenvale and continue to serve you our valued customers...

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Why would I need a locksmith?

If you have lost your keys and locked yourself out of your house or car, have a lock which has seized, or the backup battery on your digital keypad-access safe has died, you need a locksmith to help you get back on track. They can also help with less time-sensitive issues like changing locks, help install security alarm systems, etc.

What can a locksmith help with?

Locksmiths get you out of a tight spot

A locksmith is a professional who specialises in locks and keys. He is the person who can open locked doors, cut new keys as duplicates, remove and install locks and the opening/closing mechanisms on doors, and disassemble electrical and mechanical locks. His skills extend to the ongoing maintenance of existing locking mechanisms by repairing or replacing components such as springs, tumblers, etc. Locksmiths sometimes extend their range of services to include security features such as fitting motion sensors on windows and doors or fitting special locks on sliding doors which allow them to remain partially open but locked in position so they cannot be opened further from outside.

A regulated industry

Reputable locksmiths are represented by LASA, the Locksmith’s Association of South Africa. The locksmithing industry is regulated by an Act of Parliament and falls under the auspices of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). All locksmiths are required to register with this Authority. The work of locksmiths is therefore open to scrutiny and their actions must be above board and within legal boundaries. Certain specialised locksmith tools such as key cutting equipment and other unique tools of their trade are, for security purposes, subject to restricted availability as these tools may be used for criminal purposes if they land in the wrong hands. Since locksmiths are experts at picking and opening locks using specialised equipment, it is clear that such equipment must be carefully monitored and its use restricted to authorised persons only.

Let a locksmith help with your safe installation

Safes are not beyond the scope of locksmiths, as they are able to open safes which use either keys or digital keypads with battery power sources. Sometimes the low battery warning is heeded too late, and the keypad becomes ineffective when trying to open to safe. Here is where the locksmith will step in to expertly access the battery and replace it without damaging the safe itself. 

How to choose the right locksmith

Check their customer ratings and feedback

Always choose a locksmith with a good reputation. Almost everyone has had to make use of a locksmith’s services at some time, so it might be very easy to find one through word of mouth from friends and colleagues. Reputable locksmiths advertise widely, and their service specialisations will be listed, so it should not be difficult to find one for your particular needs. If you are unsure, check the internet for locksmiths in your area, and read their online reviews before going ahead. Uptasker is a valuable resource in this respect, especially with regard to online reviews from previous clients. 

Find reputable locksmiths that are speedy to arrive

Sometimes speed is vital when a locksmith is needed, and reviews will give you an idea of how fast the locksmith responded to a call and how fast and efficiently they resolved the problem. Did they bring the right tools for the job based on the information given? Did they need to return to finish the job, and was there a good reason for this? When you come home late and find that you have mislaid your keys, or a lock breaks on an outer door just when you need to leave home on important business, your local locksmith will come to your aid. Many locksmiths have emergency 24-hour helplines, so there is no need to panic, whatever the time may be.

Top locksmith tips

Top locksmith tips

Accidents and unexpected problems can happen at any time of day or night, but where locks are concerned, there is always a solution at the other end of a phone. Add the name and telephone number of your preferred locksmith to your phone’s contact list, and you need never worry about being locked out of your home or car indefinitely. Their specialised skills will get you back where you belong very quickly and efficiently, with the added assurance that your security and safety have not been compromised in any way. For more tips, see our locksmith articles.

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Central Locksmiths

The Friendly and expert staff at Central Locksmiths have been a key part of the East London community for 50 years and are ready to open doors and so much...

Central City Locksmiths

We are Centrally located to cater for any locksmith or key duplication jobs that you may require and have a quick response team on standby 24 hours a day, so...

Shanken Security Solutions

Our locksmiths are fully registered and certified to give you quality workmanship at affordable rates. Our services include lock picking, key cutting, safe opening as well as car locks and...

Bigjoe's Locksmiths

Our Services Key Diagnostics Auto Electrician 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Full Mobile Workshop Break In Repairs Lock Fitting Lock Repairs Lock Upgrades Window Lock Installation Custom Key Cutting Safe...

Newlands Locksmiths

Locksmith in New Dawn Park, Newlands

Central Locksmiths

Locksmithing is an important aspect in 1s everyday life, Central Locksmiths one of the best locksmiths in Johannesburg will assure reliability as it is a key factor when regarding security...

Smiley Key Locksmith

Smiley Key for your Fast and Efficient Locksmiths in Pretoria East & Surrounding Area's. One call away from Locked to Unlocked, helping you with unlocking Locks, Keys, Safes, Ignition locks,...

Handy Locksmiths

Specialise in: Car key cutting, duplicating,programming. We do make keys for car ignitions and door locks. Normal key cutting: If we can not cut it, you will battle to find...

Joburg Locksmith

When you call Joburg locksmith, you can rest assured that not only will you get friendly and experienced locksmith – you’ll also experience the best customer service in the business!...

Quality Locksmith

Opening all vehicles, keys in boot or cab. Safes and strong rooms opened and keys made or locks replaced. Opening and replacing locks on homes. Office shops

Joe Davis Locksmiths & Hardware

Joe Davis Locksmiths has been operating since 1947 and services Port Elizabeth, the Eastern Cape and further afield. In just over 70 years, the company has grown to employ over...

E 2 Bar Locksmiths

Whether you have lost your keys, misplaced them or simply cannot reach them! Call us 24/7 to provide you with an efficient & cost effective solution. OUR TEAM We provide...