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Paarlonline provides internet installation services in Mbekweni, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Internet Services And Technologies provides internet installation services in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Aeon Internet provides internet installation services in Kimberley, Northern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Paarl WC
Personalized Service Service as it should be, fast and reliable No Data Limits Enjoy no FUP or data limits on all our fibre packages Flexible Solutions We design and build...

Hilbert Electronics, Wispernet’s sister company started as a TV installation and repair business 42 years ago. Two way radios became a huge part of the business. A network was built...

Itns Technology provides internet installation services in Vanrhynsdorp, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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Who can I call to set up my internet connection?

Whether you are using the internet for personal relaxation and keeping up-to-date with friends or are wanting to use it for more work-related matters, you will need a fast, reliable connection at all times. And whether you are simply streaming music, movies or browsing YouTube, or attending webinars and online meetings, you don’t want to be twiddling your thumbs whilst the speed of your connection drops to almost nothing. Who hasn’t cursed that ever-turning circle on the screen whilst the data coming through is hanging somewhere between your device and its origins? You need the speed of your connection to be stable and consistent as far as possible, and you definitely need the skills, knowledge and experience of an internet installation specialist to help you achieve this. 

Why has the internet become so vital in our daily lives?

COVID-19 has definitely changed our lives in so many different ways. Much of what we used to consider as normal in human interaction seems to be a thing of the past with physical distancing, sanitising, small gatherings and the ever-present threat of potential infection foremost in our minds. Technology has come to the rescue by giving us the ability to carry on working and keeping in touch with one another through the auspices of the internet. Virtual meetings, webinars and internet communication have become the normal way of operating, and because of this, many businesses have continued to survive in challenging circumstances, whilst many employees now work remotely from their own homes. 

Is it difficult to get connected to the internet?

Connecting to the internet is a relatively quick and easy procedure if you live in an area where there are either internet towers nearby or, better still, fibre connections available. Fibre is the new high-speed alternative to the old ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology which used ordinary copper telephone wire to transmit video and audio data over the internet. This means that the internet is, effectively, accessed through telephone wires. Fibre, on the other hand, uses fibre-optic cables which are able to transmit vast amounts of data at incredibly high speeds (literally, at the speed of light) using laser light impulses to transmit the data. Such data can travel both to and from along a fibre-optic pathway which measures little more than the diameter of a human hair. We need to remember, though, that data that you download (receive) or upload (send) still travels via radio waves which are received or sent by the internet router which services your business or home environment. Together with internet speed, the router is the most important factor in an internet network connection. Routers are said to be the ‘traffic directors’ of the internet, ensuring that the right ‘packages’ are sent to the right addresses.

 I am unsure which package would be best for me ...

Your internet installation specialist will assist you in finding the right package to suit your particular needs.

Questions which should be asked upfront include : how many people or devices will be using the internet and what will the main purpose of the internet be within the environment? Perhaps you only need the internet for browsing shopping sites and research sites or for finding free online books to read. If so, it makes sense that you opt for a connection which may be a bit slower, but costs less per month. If you need fast download/upload speeds because you work from home, are an avid online gamer or get your entertainment from streaming movies and YouTube videos, your internet installation will need to cater for this in order to prevent ‘buffering’ or periods when the line is downloading data very slowly, which can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. If more than one device will be accessing the internet throughout the day, whether it be laptops, tablets, smart-phones, etc., your ISP specialist needs to know this beforehand. Be sure that you discuss your needs fully with your specialist right from the beginning. It makes sense not having to pay higher charges for a facility which you neither need nor use. Be aware, though, that very slow internet speeds will affect live online communication, in which case your Zoom or Skype connections will probably stall, become extremely fragmented and unusable.  

How do I find out which service providers use the fibre availability in my area?

Fibre cables are laid underground by fibre specialists, and these may belong to any number of companies. Because of the cost, speeds and amount of data which can be transmitted by fibre, many different ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use the same fibre lines, although they remain completely separate entities. If you are signed up with one ISP, you cannot access data through another service provider if you have not signed up with them. These are basically private networks working off a common fibre line, all of which have their own protocols and identities. A simple search on the internet will tell you whether fibre is available in your area and which ISPs are linked to it.

How do I find the right aerial installation and repair specialist?

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

There is a wide range of internet service providers available nowadays, and they are extremely easy to find. Many of these service providers have mobile booths set up where fibre has recently been installed in order to advertise their presence, and are often found in these mobile booths in shopping centres. An internet search will bring up any number of different providers, but you will need to find out if fibre has been installed in your area and which providers are linked to this fibre line. An easy way of finding the specialist to suit you in your local area would be to use a search engine such as Uptasker. Uptasker lists geographically, and also provides online ratings and customer reviews which make it more convenient to assess a service provider’s service and delivery levels. You will also find these specialists by looking through the Yellow Pages, checking House and Home magazines, attending Home Expos and asking people in your immediate area who they use. 

Top internet installation specialist tips

Top internet installation specialist tips

When connecting to the internet for the first time, make sure that you are getting the best deal for your needs. Whether it is line speed, cost, reliability of the connection, and initial set-up speed which are on your ‘Most Important’ list, careful shopping around will get you what you need. When we needed an almost immediate fibre connection in a new premises, we found out who had laid the fibre line and which ISPs were using it, then it was simply a case of finding the supplier who could set us up in the fastest time. Don’t even think of setting up your home network on your own unless you are extremely knowledgeable in the field. Use the specialists and save yourself time (and ulcers) by calling in the experts right at the beginning. For more tips and information, see Uptasker’s internet installation specialist articles.

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Ndwedwe KZN
We do Internet installation,hosting ,company registration,graphic design,technology,telecommunications.

Miknetix Networks provides internet installation services in Heidelberg - Wc, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Paarl WC
Yrless Solutions provides internet installation services in Paarl, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Amobia has been providing efficient, affordable and high-quality Internet services since 2003. With years of experience in innovation and customer service, our enthusiastic team is committed to supplying only the...

Koloti LP
Capricom Wireless Networks provides internet installation services in Koloti, Limpopo and surrounding suburbs.

We supply clients with a wide range of services & products - from WiFi, ADSL and E-mail, to Web Design & Domain Hosting. We are looking forward to being of...

I connect telecoms provides internet installation services in Mkhuhlu-A, Mpumalanga and surrounding suburbs.

iNetworx is in St Helena Bay on the west coast and is available to deliver quick and efficient IT/computer related services and issues at a moment’s notice. We offer a...

Welcome at Cyber South. Our mission is simple… To provide high quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs....

Midrand GP
We provide ICT solutions such as network switch / routers, network security, firewalls, CCTV, Telephones, PABX, Unified communications, AVU, IoT, Digital Signage, Hosting, Cloud, Network Monitoring, and Wireless broadband services.

Paarl WC
The Network Specialist provides internet installation services in Paarl, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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