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We contracted them to service a Cold Room. After Service, it only worked for one week. We communicated the matter to them and they agreed they will go and service it again. They never showed up again for re-service. When calling them they choose to ignore our calls and our...

Special appliance repairs provides fridge repair services in Germiston, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

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Possibly one of the most useful and needed appliances in our home is the fridge. Without it, we could not keep perishable goods in safe, cold hygienic conditions and thereby extend their edible lives. We would have to shop every day for items such as milk, yoghurt, uncooked meat (especially chicken, fish and pork) which is not possible for many of us. However, fridges and freezers, as with all machines and appliances, are not exempt from mechanical or electronic breakdowns, and they often fail at times when it is most inconvenient. These breakdowns often seem to happen over weekends or when the fridge has just been stocked up with highly perishable fresh produce. Not all repairs are major, fortunately, and often it is simply minor adjustments which need to be made. Whatever the problem may be, this is where we need the specialist services of a fridge repair technician/specialist.

Scope of fridge repair services

A fridge repair specialist does not only work in the residential sphere, as his expertise and experience spans various industries, such as hospitality, educational, industrial, health, commercial and food processing plants. Fridge repair specialists attend to the large coolers, fridges and freezers in supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, schools, food preparation and storage factories and facilities, as well as frozen food outlets. His scope of work is broad, and a fridge repair technician must necessarily undergo a period of training or apprenticeship to learn his craft. He has to know about and understand the working of compressors, for instance, and be able to perform basic welding tasks, if these are required. He must be able to identify the cause of the problem and carry out basic repairs on site, trouble-shoot potential problems, and decide whether the fridge needs to be removed to the workshop for more extensive repairs.

Fridges need speedy repair services

Because of the contents they store, fridges need to operate continuously at a pre-set cooling temperature. The motor therefore constantly kicks on and off to maintain this temperature, an operation which is mostly extremely quiet and trouble-free. There are problems which do arise from time to time, such as the motor running continuously, the fridge freezing and icing up inside or not cooling at all for no obvious reason, leaking or pooling of water, vegetables in the fridge freezing up, milk spoiling very quickly, or the freezer section defrosting itself and its contents. Since foodstuffs stored in a fridge or freezer defrost, cool and spoil quickly when the appliance is not working, speed is essential when sorting out the problem. We might be lucky enough to have accommodating neighbours or friends who can store some of our cold and frozen perishables in their own fridges or freezers for a short period, but this is an extremely inconvenient solution for everyone concerned.

A homeowner without a properly working fridge is severely hampered in everyday activities and simple convenience, unable to buy cold perishable goods in economic sizes and quantities since they cannot be hygienically stored for any appreciable length of time.

Minor but irritating faults

Sometimes the fridge seems to be working adequately, but there are small niggling problems which need to be attended to, such as the fridge constantly defrosting itself and leaving pools of water in or around the appliance, the interior light not working, fresh vegetables in the crisper section freezing and therefore becoming unusable, or the exterior casing becoming hot because the motor is running constantly. Whilst these may start off as irritations, they will ultimately lead to bigger and more expensive problems. Never be afraid to call out the fridge repair specialist to attend to these problems in the early stages, and save yourself costly repairs and further inconvenience if the repairs cannot be undertaken on site. Sometimes the answer could be as simple as changing a bulb or re-gassing a fridge or freezer to enable the motor to perform its job correctly.

A fridge repair technician is not necessarily an air-conditioning specialist

Air conditioners incorporate refrigeration systems for cooling in hot weather, but someone who advertises himself as a fridge repair specialist is generally not the right person to call when things go wrong with air conditioners. Fridge repair technicians are experts in their particular field, and whilst some may specialise in both fields, air conditioning is not necessarily their field of expertise. It is better to ensure that you are calling the right person for the job and know that you are receiving the best service available.

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Fridge repair specialists may often be found by looking for appliance installers and repair technicians. This is because fridge repair specialists are often able to turn their skills to the repair of most other household appliances. These specialists can easily be found through advertisements in home magazines, home catalogues, industrial catalogues, newspapers, flyers and the Yellow Pages. An internet search through a site such as Uptasker will assist in this regard. Uptasker has the added advantage of listing specialists in specific geographical areas, providing the names, contact details, links to websites (if available), online rating and customer reviews of the fridge repair specialists closest to you. Through this site, you will be able to request quotes from different contractors for easy and quick comparison. Word of mouth is still, by far, the best recommendation for completely unbiased reviews from people you know, and there will always be someone who has needed one of these specialists at some time.

Top fridge repair specialist tips

Top fridge repair specialist tips

Your fridge, as well as fridges and freezers across many different industries, are part of the backbone of everyday life. They offer unparalleled convenience, economic buying options, longevity of fresh produce and the delights of wonderfully cold drinks on hot summer days. They allow us to plan ahead by enabling us to store both raw and cooked ingredients safely for longer periods of time. Without fridges, our private and business lives would be far more complicated and time-consuming. Give them the best care and maintenance that you can, and only employ qualified and experienced fridge repair specialists when needed. It all comes down to looking after your material assets in the best possible way. For more tips, see our fridge repair specialist articles.

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Services ✔ refrigeration installations & repairs

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Bluff KZN
We do fixing and regassing all types of fridges and freezers call or whatsapp me 0717208211 same time our technicians will come to your houses and all services will be...

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Services: plumbers, bathroom renovations, air conditioning services, refrigeration repairs.

Fridgemech provides fridge repair services in Kleinkrantz, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Services ✔ refrigerators & freezers - repairs

Services ✔ refrigerators & freezers - repairs

They were efficient, fast and very helpful.

Ntuzuma KZN
We do fixing and regassing all types of fridges and freezers call or whatsapp me 0717208211 same time our technicians will come to your houses and all services will be...

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