Photography Ideas For The Wedding Season – Part II

Organising a wedding isn’t an easy thing. Therefore, having photography ideas for the wedding season prepared ahead of time comes in handy. Even though it’s becoming more and more popular to have several photo sessions prior to the wedding day, there’s nothing like being ready for the big day and having a prepared list of moments that you want to remember and share for the long run.

Photography Ideas For The Wedding Season – Part II

When hiring a wedding photographer, make sure you come into agreement about the photographs that will be taken. Be sure to specify all the moments during the ceremony and reception that you want to capture in your wedding photos. It would be very disappointing if, when looking at the images afterwards, you discover that you cannot find the moments that were very special to you.
The big entrance, the first kiss as a couple, the reception area, dancing photos, the cake moment, and so on, are the some of the moments that you usually find in everyone’s wedding album photos. Do you already know what you would like to have photographed? 
More than an article, this will be like a guide to a photo checklist that, perhaps, could help you know what you would like to suggest that the wedding photographer capture on your big day.


The big day has arrived and with it, the beginning of a new chapter for the loving couple. Perhaps you would like to include a few photo shots that happen while getting ready for the ceremony. Between these, you can find ideas like:
• Bride and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done 
• The accessories photos like the dress hanging, the watch, shoes or jewelry 
• Bride putting on the dress with help from bridesmaids or a relative
• The bride in the room with the bridesmaids, alone, or with mother and father
• Groom getting ready along with his groomsmen
• Wedding ring shots, bouquet or any other elements
Another photography idea would be on the way to the ceremony, shots of the bride’s parents, the wedding car, or the groomsmen having fun with the groom.

Ceremony Session

It’s here! The moment where all the months of hard work and organisation, stress and planning end. Perhaps, things you need to consider when doing your ceremony photo checklist is checking with your celebrant in advance, to see what policy they have during the wedding ceremony; some churches have certain restrictions on this matter. If it isn’t an issue however, here are some photo ideas:
• Shots of the venue/church, of the altar, interior details and flowers
• Groom and groomsmen waiting inside/outside the church
• Guest inside/outside of venue/church
• Bride stepping out of the car, arriving
• Bridal party and bride outside the church 
• The bridal party entrance
• Bride walking up the aisle and groom’s reaction 
• Father and/or mother giving the bride away
• Exchanging of vows and rings
• Personal traditions, such as lighting of a candle, arrears
• The first kiss as a married couple and consecutive scene 
• Couple walking back down the aisle
• Celebration shots, newlyweds, confetti, rice throwing or whatever tradition you have
• Couple standings by the wedding car

Post-ceremony session

Most people arrange a time for a photo session after the ceremony and prior to the reception. Other couples decide to break away from tradition and have a photo session before the wedding ceremony. Either way, these are the most common shots couples tend to ask for:
• Couples shots: Portraits of bride and groom on their own and also portraits of the couple alone
• Bridal party shots: Couple with the entire wedding party, with the groomsmen/bridesmaids
• Bride with bridesmaids as well as the maid of honour, and the same for the groom and his groomsmen
• Family shots: Couple with both sets of parents, siblings and close family members

Let’s party at the reception

Make sure that you don’t miss a thing of what you had planned for a long time on the wedding reception photo checklist. Trust that your photographer and team will do a great job capturing all those great moments of your big day.
• The reception venue set up, details, room decor, table settings and other elements before the room fills up as well as any other decoration or features that you would like to add
• Newlyweds arriving
• Toasts and speeches of everyone
• Wedding cake detail shots, cutting of the cake
• The first dance as a couple and with parents
• Couple and guests spontaneous photos
• Guest dancing

Closing Up the Party

This idea has become more and more popular. That is to say, doing your newlyweds farewell in your own creative and unique way. You can do this by having your closest friends or your bridal party nearby with bubbles, firework sparkles or any other props.
Has this list been helpful? Avoid disappointment and get the wedding photos you’ve always wanted! Make sure that your photographer knows your wedding photo checklist and get the best photo album for your special wedding day.



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