Workplace Habits That Help Keep You That Job

One of the most daunting and terrible things that can happen to you when are employed is to be told your employment is being terminated. For many of us our job is our *bread and butter* to make a living, to support a family, and just enjoy the day to joys of having a car and a home. Finding yourself suddenly unemployed is terrifying so before you dust off the old resume and you begin searching for a new hourly work, here are some tips that can help you stay longer where you are.

Do you have a life plan yet? Many very successful people have a plan where they set goals and achievements – I want to be a millionaire by 40 sort of thing. They have either written it down or planned it a thousand times in their head outlining the direction they want to take. This often helps people see where they are going and how each small step can get them closer to their goal or dream. While roadblocks can and will suddenly appear, knowing where you are going and what direction you want to take means these roadblocks will just be temporary setbacks.

Take time to update your skill sets. In every industry change is common with advancements, changes in technology etc so make sure your skills keep up with changes – if you stay in line with your colleagues and you don’t lag behind. If you remain updated on new ways of doing things it will make you more efficient.

Always be responsible – a needed employee will keep doing things to the best of their abilities and always give your best. Getting the job doesn’t mean you become slack, hold onto the same enthusiasm you had when you started to remind your employer why he hired you in the first place. Work efficiently and effectively and if you are struggling ask for help, it’s better to ask for help and find answers then stumble through and give everyone the wrong impression.


Work hard and show that you are practically irreplaceable Never be afraid to learn new things – so always be open to new ideas, read or study, do courses, whatever you need to keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

If you can stay close to the right group of people – stay with those who are positive, work hard and like to achieve. Positive people will help you to be more creative and you can learn a lot and grow following people who are always at their best. Always give credit where due, don’t be a sore loser, always be prepared to congratulate others and acknowledge their good work. Always remember people reap what they sow and one day you too will be rewarded for your good work.

Try and distinguish that line between bragging about your accomplishments or self promoting yourself. Find a better more subtle way to let your co-workers know of your success or achievements. Always accept that your career will not always be smooth sailing – there will be times despite everything you say, do or achieve when things go wrong – never focus on these times, stay positive for what is ahead – stay focused on what is next! Stay mentally tough and physically strong to help you get through those rough patches.

What do you do at work to stay ahead of the competition? Do you have other advice for staying valuable within a company so you don’t get fired?


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