Office Summer Fashion Tips

Summer is here and the warm weather means a lot of those in the work force – especially office workers, or those not required to wear a uniform find themselves wearing alot less, in a bid to stay cool. However before you leave for work you should consider that while you are feeling cool and comfortable is it appropriate attire for your work place? Are your co-workers or boss going to find your clothing distracting? Would you wear a tank top into a business meeting? While some businesses and offices have a strict dress code, others may have a more relaxed dress code and some might not even have a code at all. We have put together a small list of how you can dress to beat the heat, while still maintaining a professional look within your workplace.

While dress codes do vary from industry to industry and from office to office it’s good to take a minute to see how your boss or supervisor is dressing while in the office. You can follow what they are wearing and add a little tweak by adding a few accessories.

* That feel of a long lazy summer doesn’t mean you can be a slob, make sure your clothes are clean and pressed which is a *must* for any season.

*Fabrics that are light are always *in* so you could wear a few layers of light fabrics – cotton, silk, linen etc and you’ll still be comfortable under the heat or while in the office air-conditioning. Remember if you are wearing light fabrics and colours check that any underwear isn’t darker than what you have on and it is not showing through.

*Don’t wear thongs – keep them for your trip to the beach, if wearing sandals make sure your feet are clean, toenails clipped and girls no chipped nail polish! Guys, you should always wear socks too, no matter how hot it is.

* In summer casual business clothing does not include mini-skirts, short shorts, singlets or tank tops, low cut blouses or halter tops.

* If you are dressing down it’s always handy to take a jacket with you and keep it close so if your boss calls, or you are needed for an important meeting you can cover up.

*If you are not 100% sure what the office style or dress code is, take a look at your supervisor or boss and see how he or she dresses and use this as a guide.

*Never wear a t-shirt, especially one with a slogan or that has anything offensive on it.


*Ladies should try and keep the length of their skirts or dresses to an appropriate and acceptable length, keep away from clothes that are too short or reveal too much. Remember you are at work and you do not want to be distracting your male co-workers.

*Chose your clothes with care – if you look in the mirror and you look like you’re going to the office then your dress is fine. While it is hot you can still wear cool but appropriate clothing.

Does your workplace have a dress code? Do you have an amusing story to share about others who have dressed inappropriately???


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