Out Of Work – Here Are Some Money Saving Tips

When you are out of work, apart from finding a job, lack of money is your biggest problem, whether you are trying to live off your savings – for now – or you are on unemployment trying to stretch that dollar further is so very important.

So, let’s take a look at some ways you can make your money last longer.

  • If you know you are going to be out all day – be it to look for work, or just taking a break consider taking your own lunch with you. Making a sandwich and taking a bottle of tap water with you is a lot cheaper (and healthier) for you than buying something while you are out.
  • While looking for your full time job, have you considered a part time or casual job? If you like walking letterbox delivery helps you keep fit while you earn a few extra Rand. Perhaps you can offer to mow neighbours lawns or do some odd jobs. If you’re handy with a computer you can offer to type up other peoples resumes
  • Try and stay away from coffee shops, bars and pubs. If you cut back just one cup of coffee a day you’ll soon see more money in your wallet.
  • Rethink that decision to buy that new DVD player, phone or gadget – weigh up do you really need it, or is it just something you want?
  • When doing your grocery shop, look for reduced for quick sale items, and special offers – half price, 2 for the price of one. If you can avoid all those extras – sweets, chips, biscuits, soft drinks you’ll save money and be and feel a lot healthier.
  • Have a look around your house and garage – do you have items you don’t need or want  anymore – and consider having a garage sale or advertise them for sale on line – Gumtree, Quick sales or E-bay – you might be surprised how much you make
  • Try and avoid take away meals, plan your week/menu in advance and make sure you have all you need at home, this way you feel less tempted to ring for a pizza
  • If you smoke, now is a good as time as any to quit. You will be amazed how much money is left in your wallet each week, plus you’ll do yourself and those around you good. Who knows it might even help increase your chances of getting work.


  • If you do head out to the movies consider taking a bag of chips and a drink from your own home, you can still enjoy the movie and snacks and by bringing your own you will be saving a LOT of money!
  • Sit down for a minute and consider items you pay for each week – subscription magazines, pay TV, the newspaper. Can you survive without them? Is it possible to down-grade your Pay TV subscription – or cancel it completely – at least for a while. Can you live without your magazines? Remember – it’s not for forever, it’s just till you have work again.
  • Are there local activities or clubs in your area that provide low cost outings? Keep an eye on markets, fetes and other fairs and events. You can have a day’s entertainment for free and at those white elephant stalls you might even pick up a few bargains.
  • Why not try lowering your bills by conserving water – take shorter showers, turn off lights when you’re not in the room, replace bulbs with energy efficient globes – you’ll save yourself money and even when you do have a job these tips will help you save faster for other things you want and need – the things you are doing without for now.

Do you have any advice for your job seekers? Have you any tips that got you through tough times? We’d love to hear from you!


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