Tips To Finding A Job Quickly

You suddenly find yourself out of work, what do you do? – You look for a new job as quickly as possible. If you’ve just lost a job you have been in for a long time, it can be hard dealing with the realisation you may not receive a regular pay again for many weeks or even months. You’ll find the bills start piling up, car repayment, mortgage or rent you need to find a job and get back to work fast!



Today we’d like to share with you a few tips to finding a job quickly.

  • Take time to get your job tools ready – this includes your CV and cover letter, any references from your previous job. Make sure all your documents are up to date and include any new skills you have learnt along the way. This way you’ll be set to meet new employers and interviews polished and ready to go.
  • Depending on your industry the job market can be uncertain so you need to plan ahead and if need be start looking for a new job – even while you are in the old one. This gives you a taste of what is ahead, what opportunities exist out there and what you might need to do or change to better your chances of getting work. It’s a good time to start making connections so you can get help once your job winds up.
  • If you have been avoiding social media – now is the time to use it. Start networking – get in touch with as many people as you can, past employers, old school friends, family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances – anyone who might be able to point you in the direction of any possible job openings.
  • Get organised set aside a few hours each day to devote entirely to your job search, looking for a job can feel like a full time job in itself. Get up early and stay focused on what you are trying to achieve.
  • Send your CV everywhere you can and always follow it up. Search on company websites and find out where you need to send your resume to, job sites also have areas where you can post your resume, take advantage of that. It might take a long time before you get any replies and you will need a LOT of patience. You can increase your chances by taking the time to make sure you are sending your application to the right company – and for the right position. Don’t just apply to any and all jobs in your line of work, you are just wasting your time and will receive a lot of rejection.

Whatever you do DO NOT give up – your job search is important, so, be consistent – keep updating your CV, your documents and your social media profiles and keep browsing company sites, job search websites and the newspapers.


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