Keeping That Spark Alive

Inspiration has been defined as being a solution to a problem, that light that shows you the way, so when you have an inspiration it’s a sign of you looking for bigger and better things. You have decided to act now and move forward – to better your life and your career. Each of us is an individual and we all have different  wants and needs, so when we want something – even though it is going to take us a while to achieve – how do we keep that *spark* alive?

For some keeping that spark alive is easy; and for others it is a chore and  is hard to achieve. So, here are a few ways you can keep that spark alive while reaching for your new goal.

  • Always keep an eye out for new interests and hobbies, or keep up with the ones you have. Maybe you can adopt a whole new daily routine or take on a new activity or sport. Never just say *no* to something new without giving it a go or asking how it can improve or change your life or career.
  • Don’t forget to do other activities outside of hourly work or job hunting. Sometimes we just get too exhausted from work or looking for a job that we don’t take time for ourselves, or do other things that matter to us
  • Life your life to the fullest! Try and avoid mundane routines and try and make each new day that little more exciting than the last. Have a break when you need to and have some fun.
  • Never be afraid of change or of doing anything that requires more effort even some hourly work. It’s by falling into a rut that you will end up getting nowhere, doing new and exciting random surprises adds to your life and rejuvenates you while looking for new hourly work. Be impulsive!


  • Stay with positive people from co-workers to friends and family anyone you can share your ideas with, share where it is you want to go, what you want to do with your career, exploring what that next step entails. Getting lots of exercise can also help with making you feel happier and less stressed – and when you are less stressed…..
  • Live your dreams, where possible take the time to fulfil a dream, even it’s just a small one, setting goals or achieving one gives you a reason to get out there and make things happen.
  • When it comes to career or work – do what you want to do rather than what your family or society expect you to do. Doing *the right thing* is not always the best thing – make sure your career or career change is something YOU want and it’s not just something you are expected to do.

To live your life fully and happily you need to keep that spark inside you, being tied down to a dead end job, or long periods of unemployment can dim or extinguish that spark, so it is something you need to work on and keep active. You need to make each day count and sometimes if that involves stepping out of your comfort zone and doing or trying something new and different then so be it. Just exploring other avenues and possibilities keeps that spark alive.

Have you lost your spark? How did you get it back? Do you have anything else to share to help us keep that spark alive?


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