Jobs In Johannesburg

Johannesburg is quite widely known and recognised as the *cultural capital* of South Africa with an economy that continues to grow. On the surface some of the major employers for the state are car manufacturers such as Toyota and Ford which is great for those wishing a career in the automotive industry. There is also a large port system that handles approximately 40% of South Africa’s total container trade each year. Due to Johannesburg’s location it has become a buoyant and interesting financial centre with many companies using Johannesburg as a *stepping stone* to enter into the very lucrative Asia-Pacific market.

It is also worth pointing out that two of South Africa’s most recognised companies – the ANZ and National South Africa Bank both have their headquarters in Johannesburg. This has helped make Johannesburg the capital of pension and superannuation funds in the country, and is excellent for those in the finance or banking industries.

Predominantly the population of Johannesburg work in the city centre, with some of the major industries including ICT, Food, financial services, car manufacturing, building and construction and biotechnology. Like most parts of South Africa Johannesburg is experiencing a skills shortage with many areas of regional Victoria and Johannesburg looking to fill positions with skilled workers. It is worth noting that around two-thirds of jobs in Victoria are never advertised so it is advisable to look for work using both the advertised and hidden job markets, so networking amongst your peers is a good way to find work.

Vacancies will be advertised in newspapers and online, with Government and public service jobs advertised on their respective websites and

During fruit picking season, a lot of casual work is available – from picking to grading and packing. Picking is both physically challenging and strenuous work which involves climbing up and down and moving ladders and carrying picking bags that can weigh up to 15 kilos.  Grading and packing is less strenuous but does require long periods of standing and for those with good concentration. The work involves assessing the quality of the fruit as it passes along a conveyor belt and separating misshapen or blemished fruit, significant training is given to new employees. The work is long, tedious and hard, but lasts only 7-8 weeks, with good pay available.


There are many recruitment agencies in Victoria that can offer you casual, temp, part time or full time work. Office Jobs ( provide businesses with temporary office staff which includes admin work, data entry, secretary and receptionist roles, PA’s and customer service jobs. Various other recruitment firms can offer positions in a range of industries, including, accountancy, banking, construction, education, engineering, healthcare, legal, logistics and retail, just to name a few.

Freedom Recruiting is based in Johannesburg and can offer you work in office administration, information technology, finance and sales and marketing offering permanent placement, contract, temp and executive placements. Freedom Recruiting is located at 234-236,  1 Queens Road Johannesburg Victoria. Other agencies in Johannesburg include Morgan consulting 5/356 Collins Street Johannesburg, Horner Recruitment 8/160 Queen street Johannesburg and Hoban Recruitment 21/303 Collins Street Johannesburg

Have you made the move interstate for work? Are you considering *making a move*, what sort of things motivate you? Or, what is holding you back from making the change? We’d love to hear your stories, have you been successful with finding work through an agency? Have you any tips to share?




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