How To Win That Job – Before The Interview Even Starts

Succeeding in a job interview is about a lot more than just your resume.  It is all about you.  How you look, perform and function.  They’ve already seen your resume – now they need to know you.  Your focus should be to make you the best you possible.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple steps you can take, to make sure you demonstrate that you are the person for the job.

The Day Before

Research the company and read the job specification thoroughly.  Have a final review of your resume and come up with two or three questions to ask the interviewers about the role and company.  Confirm the time and location for the interview and make final travel arrangements, to ensure you arrive early.  Make sure your interview clothes are ready and highly presentable.

Now, it’s time to forget about the interview.

Go outside and take some exercise.  Whether you enjoy basketball or walking, it’s important that you get fresh air, clear your head and move around.

When you get home, cook a nutritious dinner before it gets too late.  It’s important that you eat something that to keep your blood sugar level stable and that is good to digest.  A simple meal of fish or meat with vegetables would be ideal.  It is very important to make sure you don’t eat too late.


However tempting, don’t spend the rest of the evening watching television, on the computer or worrying about the interview.  Getting a good night’s sleep is your number one priority now.

Make sure you go to bed at a good time, in a dark room.  Getting a good night’s sleep will ensure you look and feel alert in the interview and will make the inevitable nerves far easier to deal with in the morning.

The Morning of the Interview

Wake up in good time for the interview and make sure you allow plenty of time to cook and eat a good breakfast.  Breakfast needs to sustain you throughout the interview, so avoid cereal or toast to make sure you don’t have distracting hunger pains or embarrassing stomach noises in the middle of the interview.  Choose a breakfast with a good fat and protein content instead, for instance an omelette or cooked breakfast.

Once you’re ready for the interview, spend no more than 5 minutes having a final read through your research and resume.

The Interview

Once you arrive at the interview venue, the hard work is done.  You’re dressed smartly and are well researched on the company and role.  Most importantly you’re going to look and feel alert, well rested, confident and energised.  The perfect employee.

Do you have a tried and tested method of preparing for job interviews?  I’d love to hear how you prepare for interviews, in the comments below.


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