What Jobs Are Hot

2014 has just begun and it’s the perfect time to take a look at what jobs are hot this year. It’s a time to look at what jobs will be needed in the future and this can help you change career paths, begin a new career or if you don’t really know what you’d like to do perhaps this will give you a few options.

It’s a fact – people these days are living longer and with more and more elderly there is a demand and need for products and services for the elderly. The growth of two income families and the need to save time sees people needing things that are faster and easier to use. This means web based job, nursing home carers, healthcare providers and home help will be a growth industry.

Technology has made a lot of repetitive task based jobs obsolete, but the Internet has had an impact on the manufacturing and service areas – putting business and customers in direct contact. Sadly jobs in accountancy, technical support and customer care have been moved to offshore locations. In the grab to save time and make life easier the increasing use of technology has opened up training and research areas for children and adults. Basically those on site jobs that require skills, creativity or face to face interaction such as journalists, writers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, dentists, doctors, car mechanics, hairdressers and construction workers will still all be in high demand.


As countries become more competitive the need for better organisation and efficiency will be important as the economy grows. Sadly increases in energy charges will increase the cost of materials but changes to recycling will help create new jobs within this field.

There will be a need to increase protection to the environment which will create a need for environmental health workers.

In the foreseeable future here’s a list of careers that will be in demand.

Technology – Web host providers, programmers, internet specialists, network and cable engineers, copywriters, system analysts.

Healthcare – Doctors, consultants, surgeons, dentists and dental nurses, health care workers, child care workers, home carers.

Beauty – Hair dressers, nail technicians, beauty therapists

Travel – hotel and resort staff, gym staff, personal trainers.

Professional – Vets, engineers, public servants, lawyers, barristers, court officials.

Sales – salespeople and buyers

Teachers – Teaching assistants, teachers university lecturers

Construction – Surveyors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, Mechanical and civil engineers, delivery people, drivers, construction workers.

While it’s not easy to start a career – especially one that will last your entire working life, your future does depend on the decisions you make now and how well you prepare yourself for the future. We hope our list helps you avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong – or dying – career – most importantly choose a career you will enjoy and are interested in.



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