4 Types of Web Design and Development Experts

Web Development is an umbrella term for a wealth of roles involved in the development and design of websites. In this article, we will give you a snapshot of the different roles people assume within the web design and development category. By understanding each role a little better, Uptasker hopes to help you to make a more informed decision on what type of professional you need to complete your task.

Four professionals that can help you with web design and development

Web Designer

The role title screams creativity and certainly web designers are responsible for making your website beautiful. The job is, however, quite technical. By using a series of different IT development techniques, a web designer translates the science into the scenery so to speak. Web designers utilise a wide range of skills to ensure websites are laid out logically and are aesthetically pleasing. They do this by engaging a variety of methods, including coding and software applications. There is a myriad of software options available to web designers, with Photoshop being one of the most widely known.

Web design, as a career, comprises both technical and creative aspects of digital media. Web designers can include professionals working in both or either of these spaces. In our opinion, customised websites demonstrate better long-term value for money than website templates.  Engaging a website designer to construct your site from scratch will give you greater autonomy over the final product.

Graphic Designer

The term graphic designer can be used in a range of creative industries. For the purpose of this article, we will highlight the expertise of graphic designers that operate exclusively in the digital media space.

If you are seeking 2D and 3D images, or infographics to showcase your business achievements, a graphic designer will likely be able to support you. Undoubtedly, these professionals will be proficient in developing and implementing audio or visual media. This type of media affords an engaging user experience.

Front End Developer

Front end developers are essentially coding geniuses. They use a variety of coding languages to create the graphical interface, so in many ways, their work is similar to that of a web designer. The primary coding used is:

  •  HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Front end developers will have a good grasp on overall web design and development. Technology is changing at an exponential rate, and front end developers ensure that they keep up with trends. By doing so, they can ensure that your website is always accessible and user-friendly.

In short, due to the constant updates on mobiles, laptops and desktops, a front end developer enables websites to load quickly and present optimally.

Not only will front end developers demonstrate creative thinking.  In addition, they will also have the ability to troubleshoot your websites user experience problems and act accordingly to remedy them. Ultimately, if you want to ensure that visitors to your website are treated to responsive user experiences, a front end developer is just the man or woman you need.

Content Strategist

If you have a functional website but struggle with content, get yourself a content strategist. These arty folks are experts at designing and implementing a plan for delivery of content that will send your clients the right message at the right time.

Content strategists will consult with you to understand your business needs and your brand. Using information gleaned through the consultation process, these experts will formulate a strategy to help you tell your business story.

In many instances, content strategy professionals will have a keen understanding of social media, brand awareness and search engine optimisation. They will have a hunger for trends in digital media and have their finger on the pulse of marketing news.

Content strategists will likely understand the technical skills behind web design and development. However, they may not be able to undertake this type of work. Without a doubt, their primary skill set lies more so in marketing and advertising. For this reason, content strategists can help you to put out only the best content for your website needs.

Hopefully, this snapshot of key roles within the web design and development space help you to understand better what type of professional you require. Uptasker will follow up with another blog in this space with information on more web design and development roles.



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