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Dewa Plumbing Pty Ltd

Bramley Park, Sandton, GP (9.4km from Edenvale)
Water leak detection Taps and mixer taps repair and replacement Sanitaryware installation Bathroom installations Kitchen installations Subsoil drainage Garden or outdoor tap installation Repair of leaking water or waste piping Water meter installation and repair Eliminating drainage problems Geyser repairs and replacement Geyser installations – SABS approved Geyser blanket fitment Burst pipes Balance pressure Septic tank installation Drain laying & Drain cleaning Clearing of blocked drains Installation, repair or replacement of sewer piping No hot water Low water pressure Repairing of leaks under the bath, leaking bath traps or waste pipes
Reliable, efficient, good time management and focuses on the job at hand. Well done Mbuso
 |  Posted 2 months ago

24 7 Care Electrical And Plumbing

Martindale, Johannesburg, GP (19.9km from Edenvale)
Take pride in everything we do and guarantee the highest quality service with reliable and professional, cost effective workmanship. Electrical... Plumbing... House maintanance.... Gate motor's..... Electric fence.... Cctv ... Quote pre job WE FIX IT ALL!!! NO JOB TO BIG OR TO SMALL... SAME DAY SERVICE ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING SERVICES AT AFFORDABLE RATES.. 24 HOUR SERVICE NONE STOP. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. * NEW INSTALLATION * UPGRADING TO THREE PHASE * REWIRING * BURST GEYSER'S * BURST PIPE'S * BLOCK DRAIN'S
Very professional services.
 |  Posted 2 months ago
For all your plumbing needs look no further! Specialising in: No hot water Blocked drains Repairs to leaks All our plumbers follow all the recommended health and safety guidlines. They wear maks and have sanitizer which they use before entering your premises, during the job and once they have completed to protect bother customer and plumber.

Mgn Plumbing And Electrical

Bedfordview, Germiston, GP (4.4km from Edenvale)
Mgn Plumbing And Electrical provides plumber services in Bedfordview, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Hydro Active Plumbign

Sandringham, Johannesburg, GP (4.7km from Edenvale)
The best service in the industry Hydro Active will never dissapoint & will always deliver on ALL that is promised! Burst geysers Leak detection Household maintenance Blocked drains New instilations Heat pumps Solar geysers 24 hour service Complex maintenance Residential Commercial

Water Gate

Fairmount, Johannesburg, GP (6.7km from Edenvale)
AT WATERGATE WE SPECIALISE IN: LEAK DETECTION Watergate has the latest acoustic listening devices, gas tracking equipment and correlators to provide pin point accuracy of all types of hidden leaks guaranteeing results. PIPE RELINING This is complete pipeline rehabilitation without the need for any excavation, chopping or digging on your property. SPECIALISED DRAIN CLEANING CCTV pipeline inspections – Our eyes in the pipes. Visually allows us to inspect the pipelines integrity, identifying any damage or irregularity. PLUMBING MAINTENANCE From a simple tap washer to the most complex industrial installations, WATERGATE has it covered.

Shaun Karp Leak Detectors

Sydenham, Johannesburg, GP (7km from Edenvale)
The location of underground leaks can be a costly exercise caused by having to dig up large areas in order to ascertain the position of the leak. Using the latest technology, we are able to isolate the location of the leak and therefore eliminate any unnecessary and costly digging. We do this by turning off all visible taps, and/or valves on the premises, as well as doing an aucoustical check to the pipeline to hear if there are any sounds of a pipe leaking. We then isolate the main meter and insert a tracing gas into the pipeline. This gas...

Wayne Osrin Plumbing

Kew, Johannesburg, GP (7.2km from Edenvale)
Services Wayne Osrin Plumbing Johannesburg Our Services Wayne Osrin Plumbing Johannesburg consists of the following: Geysers & Solar Geysers We are IOPSA accredited. We install and service solar geysers. We replace thermostats, pressure and safety valves, vacuum breakers and other geyser fittings, as well as full replacement of burst or broken geysers, all done to SABS standards in order to guarantee the work that we deliver. We do Geysers in Johannesburg, Boksburg, Benoni, Bedfordview, Edenvale, Sandton and all surrounding areas in Gauteng. Leak Detection Wayne Osrin Plumbing uses state of the art German leak detector machines. The Leak Detector machine...

Browns Plumbing & Maintenance

Highlands North, Johannesburg, GP (7.4km from Edenvale)
We clean most drains with our top of the range drain cleaning and jetting equipment. We repair most geysers and install geysers to the right specification.We repair all taps and toilets. We also install quality taps and toilets. We repair and install drains and leave your property the way we found it. We repair all burst pipes and install new pipes. We also offer commercial plumbing and construction, from game lodges to mines.

Whitelaw Plumbing And Gas

Cyrildene, Johannesburg, GP (7.7km from Edenvale)
We are specialist PLUMBERS and our services include but are not limited to: Maintenance, service and repairs New installations Bathroom renovations/alterations Blockages Leaking geysers Leaking toilets, taps, mixers Burst pipes Supply of sanitaryware, taps, mixers, geysers etc. Specialists in whole house water filtration systems Supply and install water storage tanks, booster pumps. Rain water harvesting systems and solutions Irrigation systems

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How can a plumber be of help to me?

All people need water to carry out different functions in their daily lives. It is fair to say that most of us do not even think too much about the many ways in which we use water in our homes, nor where it comes from before it reaches our taps. That is, until something goes wrong and we are suddenly faced with a lack of water when we turn the taps on, or have too much of it because of a breakage or leak somewhere in the plumbing system and water is pouring all over the floor or through the ceiling from a burst geyser. When emergencies such as these happen, we need the services of a qualified and experienced plumber to sort the problem out.

Plumbers are integral to the building process

Plumbers are the specialists responsible for the installation and maintenance of water systems within buildings, whether these are situated in the industrial, commercial, corporate, health, business or private sectors. Water is used for consumption (drinking, cooking), sanitation, (washing and cleaning), cooling (think of air conditioners), drainage and sewerage. In order to fulfill these functions, water needs to be brought into and out of buildings through a system of pipes which need to be adequately supported or fixed to walls.

These pipes are connected to fixtures such as heating and cooling units and appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators, washbasins and sinks, bathtubs, toilets and water heating systems such as geysers. It is the responsibility of the plumber to install fixtures such as sinks, basins, baths and toilets and ensure that water can be supplied to and removed from these fixtures efficiently and without leaks or blockages.

They ensure that fittings and valves are correctly assembled prior to installation, and are also tasked with installing gas pipes for internal gas appliances. Plumbers are the “fix-it” guys who will ensure that all these systems are working correctly by identifying and repairing leaks and broken water connections, clearing blocked pipes and drains and repairing or replacing faulty geysers. During property renovations where the layout of existing kitchens, sculleries and bathrooms are completely revamped, a plumber will be called in to move the piping in accordance with the new design.

Plumbers are also called in as part of the ongoing need to conserve and harvest rainwater and collect internal - so-called ‘grey’ water water from showers, for instance, so that this can be used later for either household or garden use. Household use could include using the water for filling toilet cisterns or laundry use. Externally, plumbers are responsible for the installation of irrigation and water misting systems, particularly on large-scale projects such as plant nurseries and farms.

What qualifications does a plumber need?

A plumber must have the necessary professional qualifications in order to practice his trade in any country. In South Africa, he must undergo a period of industry-recognised training and an apprenticeship before beginning to practice. A reputable plumber will be registered with the Plumbing Industry Registration Board. A career in plumbing may easily be started by working as an assistant to a qualified and experienced plumber, as hands-on training is always a valuable learning aid. Some plumbing installations require a reasonable knowledge of electrics, such as when installing a new geyser which is connected to the premises’ electricity supply. They are able to install refrigerators which have a plumbed-in water supply for ice or iced water and ensure that these are operating correctly.

How to find the right plumber for your needs

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Whilst plumbers are beginning to use the internet to expand their advertising visibility, their services do not generally lend themselves to exposure on dedicated websites. Nonetheless, you can use search sites such as Uptasker to locate a plumber in your specific geographical location. Uptasker has the added benefit of providing online ratings and customer reviews as they become available, so you can easily obtain real information on the value that service providers are giving. Alternatively, you can check the Yellow Pages, newspapers, house and home magazines or catalogues, renovation and building publications and brochures for their adverts. You may be lucky enough to find a plumber through flyers which are distributed at certain times with special offers and pricing, which is a definite bonus if you are looking for a plumber at the same time that they are offering specials.

Top plumbing tips

Top plumbing tips

Every private home- or business-owner has, at some time, needed the expertise of a plumber to repair irritating water issues stemming from leaky pipes or connections because of normal wear and tear on the moving parts such as taps or because of rust. Most home-owners have, at some time, had to face the disruption of a burnt-out geyser thermostat or damage caused by a burst geyser. Whether minor or major, these problems really need to be sorted out by an experienced and knowledgeable plumber who can do more than simply apply a temporary fix.  Work with the best plumber you can afford from the beginning, and save yourself costly repairs further down the line. For more tips, see our plumber articles.

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