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Our team comprises of industry specialist with combined experience levels spanning 150 years, these individuals that have backed their acquired skills and tradesman ship and craft with quality education. We...

YZN Projects provides home renovation services in Bellville, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

AdVanced Cement provides home renovation services in Somerset West, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Mthatha EC
We do home improvements and construction services. Plumbing, Ceiling, Roofing, Complete Bathrooms and Kitchen, Tiling and all renovations work at a negotiable price

Cape Town Leak Detection provides home renovation services in Bellville, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Maduna Development Agency is an owner-operated construction business serving Kwa-Zulu Natal in Durban areas. It has however grown to serve other provinces and municipalities other than KZN. Maduna Development Agency...

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Types of home renovation services


Sometimes you just need to renovate your home, a facelift if you will. Home renovations can often last a long time (if done well), but other times they need to be redone if fallen out of fashion. Perhaps a fad at the time had your home looking like something which now seems a little old-fashioned. Beautification renovations leave the majority of the structure untouched and focus rather on tidying up the smaller parts of the home.

Space modifications

If you need to change the space available, this is the kind of home renovation you will be after. From knocking down a wall to combine two smaller rooms into one, or changing the layout of your living room for a more open space plan, there are many home improving options available. You can also change a room's function, convert that tiny study into a bathroom, adding a man cave or even building the perfect wine cellar.

Avoid getting dodgy home renovators by finding the right home renovator expert for your project. With the right research and tools, you can make sure you get the best professionals to work on your house.

Modernising your home

Whether you're a new home owner or been in the same house for years, one of the most popular reasons for a renovation is to make a home more modern. Installing latest energy-efficient home appliances and stripping out old styles are some of the ways of achieving this.

How to choose the right home renovators

Check their history

Make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing. Look at your home renovator expert's past projects to see if it is similar or close to what you want to do with your home.

Check their reviews

How well has the service provider worked with previous customers? Have they arrived on time? What mess have they left in the end? How is their communication skills (are they easy to work with)? Check their online reviews on Uptasker to find out if they are a good choice for your project.

Top home renovation tips

Top home renovation tips

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We are well known, experienced and referenced regarding renovations. We’re not only an experienced team, we’re also a registered company with continuous courses in relevant renovation service categories.

stablished since 2000, we work very closely with our clients to ensure we have the best possible design and affordable prices. Be assured of our hands on experience and knowledge....

we do Tilling, painting, slates ,paving, laminating, roof painting and renovations

We SIBBS CONSTRUCTION (PTY) LTD are the the General Contractors offering services such as Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, House Renovation, Carpentry, Building and Paving all around Gauteng. We strive to...

Sandton GP
Renovation Brothers is a young, vibrant and energetic company. We have been in operation for well over a decade and are a team of highly skilled, reliable and professional individuals...

we are better in : HOME CARE RENOVATIONS plastering ceiling welding painting building waterproofing paving replacing and cleaning gutters steel works gates and fences e.t.c HOME CARE CLEANING SERVICES *new...

Renovate Afrikka Construction Services 'Renovate Afrika offers a range of professional services including general household and office renovations, repair and maintenance, and electrical and plumbing work, all executed by a...

. ADP Installations is a well established construction company that has been in the industry specializing in the building renovation services. We pride ourselves on the quality services and we...

Vultures Projects offer a wide range of services as follows # Plumbing # Bathroom Renovations # Tyling # Vynl ,Wood ,Carpets ,and laminate installations # Painting # Plastering # Ceilings...

Phakama Services Group is a home maintenance and renovations company that operates in Johannesburg and services all of the surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of home maintenance and...

Precast Walling Pros Cape Town Cape Town's # 1 Precast Walling - Complete security at a fraction of cost Supply And Installations of Precast Walling Cape Town * Precast wall...

Building contractors are independent construction specialists who bid on specific assignments within major construction projects. The construction of one large building might involve many contractors and subcontractors working together towards...