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C J IRONS CC is a Pretoria based company carrying out construction services, property maintenance and installation work across South Africa. With vast experience and an excellent track record, we...

Lifestyle Kitchens

All kitchens are designed using a professional 3D computer package. Customers are provided with a portfolio containing both floorplan and photorealistic design views/renders of the final kitchen. The kitchen design...

Emco Exclusive Projects

We are general contractors and have qualified artisans in all trades in the industry.

T N T Kitchens

Services ✔ kitchen renovations ✔ bars ✔ kitchens

Kitchen Designs Pretoria

Whether you’re planning a simple kitchen design or modern kitchen design, deciding what to do about your kitchen cabinets is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. New kitchen cabinets...

Bayberry Kitchens

Bayberry kitchens offer premium quality materials, up-to-date accessories and high quality craftsmanship. ksamember Bayberry kitchens is a family run business, offering personalized service and attention to the finest detail. Designers...

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Why renovate your kitchen?

A kitchen is not just another room in a house. It is the hub around which the family revolves, and a well planned, efficient, bright and welcoming kitchen is an asset which cannot be valued too highly.  Modern kitchens are an integral part of the trend for open-plan living, and therefore need to be incorporated seamlessly into the overall design of the living areas, serving their primary function whilst also being visually appealing and easy to keep clean and tidy.

A kitchen is often the first room that a woman will look at when buying or building a house. This is where she will spend many hours of her time whilst at home, and the kitchen needs to be attractive and appealing to her. In older houses, it may be necessary to completely renovate the kitchen to bring it up to date, make it efficient and bright, and allow for essential appliances to be positioned most effectively.

Simple or cosmetic renovations

A kitchen renovation may be as simple as painting the walls, retiling the floor or backsplashes, replacing the countertops or cupboard doors, putting up new shelves or removing shelving which is not needed, changing the window blinds, installing a new sink or oven and hob. Such simple cosmetic renovations do not involve changing the existing layout of the kitchen, but rather updating the existing area. These types of renovation are generally quick and easy to carry out, and much of the work can be done by a handyman.

Complex renovations

More complex renovations may involve knocking down or repositioning walls, windows or doors,

removing the existing cupboards, sink, oven and hob, or essentially gutting the space and redesigning the whole kitchen to make it more workable and brighter.

Installing an island unit in a larger kitchen will provide much more working and storage space, as well as provide a focal point in the room.

Bear in mind that a kitchen which suits one family, may not fit in with the lifestyle of another. Since the kitchen is such an important part of a home it is preferable, as far as possible, to design an area which inspires and works for your particular needs.

It is advisable to employ an architect or specialised kitchen designers and fitters for major structural renovations, as their experience and ideas will assist you in creating the best kitchen workflow and aesthetic appeal, as well as providing an overall design which will work with your changing needs and attract buyers if you subsequently sell your house.

How to choose the right kitchen renovation company

Check their credentials

Choosing the right handyman or specialist should not be too difficult, as their previous renovation or design and installation work can easily be checked, primarily through personal recommendations or general reviews (check their Uptasker reviews online), catalogues and photographs. Reputable kitchen companies and architects will work closely with you and provide valuable advice, tips, plans and illustrations of the new kitchen, as well as overseeing the entire project from start to finish.

Top kitchen renovation tips

Top kitchen renovation tips

Getting your kitchen renovations done right is important - the kitchen and living room are the two most used rooms in your home and having the right layout and design for your kitchen will make your home a pleasant to live in. For more tips on kitchen renovations, please see related articles on the Uptasker blog.

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From small kitchen designs to much larger kitchens, Weizter's designers will make sure your dream kitchen comes to live. Our premium cupboards are manufactured from the best imported German materials...

Hollywood Furniture

We design and manufacture handmade kitchen furniture. Incl islands, dresssers, sink cupds, grocery cupboards, servers, wine racks, bar units and study furniture.

i Can Design Kitchens

We are a kitchen design and installation company based in Gauteng. At iCan-Design, we understand a kitchen is the heart of a home. It is a place not only where...

Cupboard Value

If you’re under the impression that a top quality fitted kitchen is a luxury that few can afford, we challenge you to think again. At Cupboard Value we pride ourselves...

Design Innovations

LAURENZA TRAD66 T/A Design Innovations is an owner run company that specializes in a one stop service for renovating and new design of kitchens bathrooms and BIC units. We can...

Nu-Style Kitchens

Services ✔ kitchen renovations

Weizter Kitchens

From small kitchen designs to much larger kitchens, Weizter's designers will make sure your dream kitchen comes to live. Our premium cupboards are manufactured from the best imported German materials...

Kitch Me UP

Are you looking for professional customised kitchen designers near you in Cape Town? Then most likely, you are looking for us. Contact our professionals today by visiting our website.

MALCO kitchens

The heart of what we do is the desire to build kitchens and fitted furniture tailored to your exact needs. Custom made just for you. At MALCO we offer a...

Black Stone Renovations

Your kitchen is more than just a selection of cupboards with a top and doors. It is the most focal point of your home, We view your kitchen in its...


Services ✔ kitchen renovations

La Mia Cucina Designs

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