Work Life Balance – A New Perspective

People often struggle finding that perfect place on the balance beam of work and life, but what if I told you we have been looking at this concept all wrong? We often think of work and life being on opposing sides of the coin and making a strong distinction between the two. In reality we should be encompassing life as a whole and seeing work as a full and wholesome part of our life. Work should not be as detached as switching life back on and starting to live again after you leave the office for the day. The true secret is a healthy, fun infusion between the two, where they seamlessly flow. Ideally you will treat them as a meditation, a personal goal setting ritual, and a daily opportunity to improve yourself, acquire wealth and live well.

Work Life Balance - A New Perspective

Love Your Work

The work that you do should make you feel energetic, passionate and strongly motivated. If it doesn’t, then you are not taking part in what you love, and living your life to the fullest. Your job should be something that drives you at the core of your very being. Do not worry if you are not feeling this in your current role! If you hold the vision in your mind of what you want to do and invest all your efforts into achieving that dream role,it will happen!

When you are working at your ideal job you will notice a change in the manner in which you approach the job. You will have positive connotations about the line of work and you will no longer see it as a burden. Hopefully you will welcome it, and embrace it. Subsequently, this means you will achieve better results, both financially and non-financially. You may notice increased positive feedback from clients, co-workers and managers.

These results will continue to amount when you gain momentum and constantly build your skill set. This comes by reading and writing about your passion; basically living and breathing your passion. From this new perspective, you can now see a new light on the topic, where work and life become one.

Avoid Burnout

On the other hand, don’t take this advice as the green light to start working 24/7 and burning yourself out within a month! Even if you are having fun, it is still important that you eat, sleep and relax! The bottom line is, if you start to monetise your passions and dare to step outside the norm of working at a job that you despise, you will be highly rewarded.Of course you need to be disciplined, highly focused and goal driven for this to happen!

To further develop your passion for your work, make sure you set up an environment where you can get work completed effectively and efficiently within specified time frames. This means a clean, streamlined work space that inspires you and is easy to maintain. Environment includes people. To achieve great results surround yourself with amazing people that have similar positive mindsets and goals to your own. Collaborate, discuss and empower your visions together. This will ensure your passion for life and your work becomes their passions for life and work too. Inspire each other to achieve the best results possible and create a healthy relationship where thoughts and ideas can be openly discussed and built upon.

In life, do not settle for average, whether it is your work, passions, or everyday situations. Invest in yourself; take time to improve your skill set that will lead to enhancing the ability to perform your passion. Always go above and beyond expectations of others and yourself. Have the mindset that you will give 100% effort into every simple action you take; do it full of heart and with purpose.

By doing this you open up the opportunities to grow as a person, and consequently, your work and business will evolve along with you. You will reap the benefits and prosper on a large scale, simply by shifting your mindset, creating a job from your passions and ditching the negative mentality of ‘work’. The new synthesis of a work life balance is truly a full and ambitious life, doing what you love. I wish you the best of luck, but I know that you do not need it, go for it!

Top tips for a healthy life infusion:

  • Follow your passions, the money will come
  • Invest your time in your passion in and out of ‘work’ hours
  • Create a positive work environment where you can get tasks done efficiently
  • Surround yourself with like-minded inspirational people
  • Set goals for yourself and your business, be clear and succinct
  • Don’t settle for average, go above and beyond
  • The little things count, complete every task you do with full attention and effort
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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