Why Is There A Need For Cleaners?

Whilst we all appreciate living and working in a clean and appealing environment, none of us actually looks forward to the actual cleaning itself. By its very nature, cleaning is a dull, repetitive, dirty and time-consuming occupation and areas which have just been cleaned seem to be magnets for dirt and dust, which is extremely disheartening. It is for this very reason that cleaners or cleaning companies have come into existence, offering professional, efficient and speedy cleaning services which tackle jobs across many sectors, including residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality and industrial.

Why is there a need for cleaners?

Residential and home office cleaning

Many homeowners employ the services of sole domestic workers on a daily or weekly basis to keep their homes clean and ensure that the washing and ironing for the household is kept up to date. Whilst this arrangement works for many people, others prefer to use the services of cleaning teams which are able to complete the work within an hour or two, thereby minimising the inconvenience to the homeowner. Such teams are supervised and skilled, with each team member having specific tasks. With the growing trend for people to work from their own home offices, it makes sense that tasks such as cleaning are performed quickly and with minimal disruption, particularly if the home office hosts clients during the day. Cleaning teams can be scheduled to work within specific hours only, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis or at other intervals which suit the homeowner. As such cleaning companies often work for different clients every day, their teams work quickly and efficiently. Their services may include the use of their own cleaning supplies and appliances, which is an advantage to those living in smaller homes with not much storage space.

Office cleaning

Since offices are places of business, it makes sense that they need to be as efficient and quiet as possible during the working day. Employees certainly do not need the disruption of cleaning staff using vacuum cleaners or trying to clean their desks whilst they are holding business meetings with clients, needing to concentrate or use the telephone. Office cleaning services are the answer in these situations, as their teams perform their duties outside of normal office hours, most often during the night when the offices are closed. Because they have access to the offices when the workforce is not on site, these cleaning services must be trustworthy, security-conscious and bound by the rules of confidentiality. They have the responsibility of ensuring that the offices are safeguarded whilst working in them, as well as guaranteeing their security by locking the doors when they leave. The services covered by these cleaning companies include sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting and polishing furniture, emptying office waste bins, cleaning the bathrooms, washing any dirty dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Some may include the interior cleaning of windows, restocking toilet rolls and refilling hand soap dispensers, but this is not always part of the service.

Industrial cleaning services

Factories and warehouses can also be serviced by certain cleaning companies who specialise in pest control (termite, cockroach, rodent and crawling insects), high-pressure cleaning of floors and walls, industrial floor sweeping and scrubbing, heavy-duty machine degreasing, high-level dusting, steam cleaning, clean up of fire or flood damage, exterior washing of factory or warehouse buildings and forecourt cleaning, amongst other services. Specialist cleaning companies will also undertake bund cleaning (the four retaining containment walls and base around storage tanks containing substances which have the potential to pollute, such as oil or petrol).

Cleaning of restaurant and food preparation areas

Kitchen and areas where food is prepared or stored necessarily have to be kept in pristine hygienic conditions. Rats, mice, bugs, flies, bacteria and pathogens are a constant threat to health wherever food or organic waste is present. This is particularly important in takeaway and fast-food outlets, where food is cooked and held for a period of time before being sold and must consequently be stored in hygienic conditions. Together with continuous hourly and daily cleaning, these areas should all have periodic deep cleaning by a professional service to ensure that they are in compliance with municipal by-laws.


Cleaning service companies have access to manpower and specialised equipment which makes cleaning different areas more efficient and speedy, taking the strain off the individual home or business owner. There is no doubt that their services have a definite and welcome place in our lives, either as a home or business owner, helping us to maintain our environments in a hygienically clean and appealing condition. After all is said and done, why do the hard work yourself when there are specialists who can do the job quicker and better than you can?



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