5 Things A Cleaning Service Saves You

We have all watched movies or series about magicians and had the urge to snap our fingers and have our homes spick and span in the blink of an eye . And even though we will never have a personal magician at our disposal, it is possible to hire someone that can do magic, cleaning our sweet homes. 

5 Things A Cleaning Service Saves You In

The reality is that you don’t need any special skills to have a perfectly clean house, flat, residence or office; you only need discipline and availability. Who wouldn’t want, a bathtub without stains or mold all over the bathroom, to be able to walk through the living room, not tripping over toys or shoes, having the floors mopped and the smell of vanilla essence in the air at all times? Or maybe just something as simple as being able to breathe without any health issues due to sandy furniture, because of the strong, southeastern coast winds.

Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to spend their Saturday afternoon cleaning. If discipline isn’t your strong point or you’re that person that doesn’t know the meaning of ‘free time’ or maybe you lack both things, like me, then here are a few more reasons for which hiring a cleaning service can make your life a whole lot easier.

Saves your time

I don’t know about you, but sometimes having the discipline of cleaning up isn’t enough for me. I realized that I am not always available to finish my daily chores, and I unfortunately fail to achieve my goal of having a clean apartment by the end of the week. You don’t need to be an executive individual to find yourself always running out of time. Stay-at-home parents or single moms and dads can find themselves in the same situation or even worse.

Hiring a cleaning service will free you up to do more of the things you love. Yes! Free time to do what you really need to do. Time to relax, to spend with loved ones, or to keep working if you need to. Besides, imagine being able to truly rest during your holidays instead of  cleaning your home.

Depending on your need, you can find different availabilities in which a cleaner can come to your home and do some magic. It can go either be once a week or a few hours, every day. 

Saves your finances

Perhaps I’m crazy enough to say that hiring a cleaning service will help you save money. Crazy or not, the amount of money you spend on buying everything you need to clean your residence from top to bottom could be more than you expect. Not all cleaners will bring with their own products and equipment, but most professional cleaners do, make sure to ask them.

Another reason you save money by hiring a cleaning service is that, instead of using time and energy to spend it on cleaning, you can spend it resting, being with family, or as simple as working. Fatigue, stress, weakened immune system and depression, are some symptoms of a lack of resting; symptoms that, in the long-run can alter your performance at work.

Saves you from hard work

Maybe your home is one of those places where chaos doesn’t exist, either way, along the way you will find areas at home that will need ‘deep cleaning’. What about that massive stain on the carpet? Or the special treatment for wooden floors? Does the pool need any servicing before the summer? Or maybe your bathtub needs a deep scrub…

Hiring a cleaning service will save you from the hard work of cleaning those areas that, in the long haul, get harder and harder to clean.

Saves your health

Hiring a cleaning service definitely can help you save your health. To begin, by having your home cleaned of all the accumulated dust, bacterias, mold and other microorganisms that invade your home helps you avoid direct contact with any substances or other chemical products that aren’t beneficial to your body.

Adding to this, if you would like it to take it to the next level, there are products that are planet friendly and chemical free that will clean your home the same way as industrial ones, bringing a healthier sense of clean to your residence. 

Saves your happiness

This is an amazing fact! It’s proved that a cluttered home can drain your energy and happiness. The visual of what you have around you affects your heart and mind. In other words, an organised, clean home or office can help your mental health. Not everyone knows how to handle stressful seasons, but what if a cleaning service could help relieve some of your stress? 

There is nothing quite as “lekker” as walking into your home, after a long day at work and having that feeling of, there is nothing else to do besides  resting with your loved ones in a tidy home.

Let us know if coming home to a clean house doesn’t feel like a magic act!


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