What Not To Do During An Interview

Believe it or not, a lot of job seekers make some huge mistakes while attending a job interview, while they have their answers set, their resume is flawless and they are practically made for the job, a momentary lapse, that *forgetting where you are* for a moment can have quite detrimental effects on acing your interview. A recent survey of over 2000 hiring managers uncovered a range of interview mistakes from outlandish to cringe-worthy – so we thought we’d share some of the results with our readers to make sure you don’t make the same mistake – or worse, make  the list next time.

Take a few minutes to read the list of interview blunders – from just a bad case of nerves to life events or errors in judgement – interview mistakes do *happen* – but here are some real life experiences employers have seen firsthand.

  • A job seeker who would not answer a question because he thought the interviewer would steal his idea and then not hire him
  • A candidate who said he quit his job in banking as he was always feeling tempted to steal
  • A job seeker who said he did not have his mobile phone with him, even though it could be heard ringing
  • A candidate who said he did not want to take on the job if it meant he had to work a lot
  • One job seeker who said he didn’t like to get up early and also did not like to read
  • A candidate who actually called in sick to her present employer – faking an illness (during interviewing for a new job)
  • One job seeker asked if he could be paid *under the table*
  • A candidate who called his wife to see what she was preparing for dinner
  • 2 different candidates overstepped the boundary – one hugged the interviewer and one who placed a hand on the interviewers knee


Remember that the job market is rough, some employers can receive hundreds of applicants for just one job and sometimes employers have to be critical and tough and in many cases mistakes made during interviews such as those above just can’t be brushed aside – no matter how suitable you might be for the position.

Interviewers also provided their list of 6 things a job seeker should not do during an interview. These are the six *kiss of death* mistakes guaranteed NOT to help you land that job. While these mistakes are not unusual, they do commonly happen and are mistakes you should keep in mind and not repeat!

*Dressing inappropriately

*Appearing disinterested in the job, questions, and looking like you don’t even want to be there

*Not making specific examples when asked questions

*Texting on or answering your mobile phone

*Speaking negatively about a current or past employer

*Not making eye contact or smiling, a weak handshake and bad posture

What is the worst interview mistake you have ever made? Or have you seen?


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