Top Tips For Students On How To Be Good Writers

Writing is an important skill for everyone including the college students. It helps them in their studies and mostly when they are doing essay writing related school work. There are tips that help a student to be good writers and even develop it as a career. One should apply these tips and at the end of it all good results will be achieved. Reading articles and other materials related to great writing helps a student to try and be like that popular great writer. Great writings always inspire someone in one way or the other and it’s therefore a good starting point for starter writers. Writing a lot is another tip. If then a student have the dream of one day being recognized, then it’s advisable to learn to write in a more diversified way.


Writing important ideas all the time is a good motivation required to be present in every student aspiring writer.  Writing should at times be taken as a ritual; this is to mean, specific time should be allocated for writing. This should be in the morning, afternoon or in the evening. Writing at these times should be free from disruptions and possible interruptions. It should be taken seriously just like the other types of rituals. To be a good writer, students should be writing whenever they can. If a blank paper is available make maximum use of it and just write ideas that should be flowing through your mind at that time.Also, planning what to write is crucial. It gives one the necessary ideas and points to include in the writing. Writing requires a student who can be able to experiment different methods and styles of writing.


Creativity is also an important tool since it enables one to explore on different areas in the writing field. A student writer should also be able to steal ideas from other experienced and well known writers; he or she should then apply these ideas to his or her work.  Strong words should be used in some types of writing which may require strong verbs, adjectives and other forms of writing. This helps a student earn marks and the necessary recommendation that is required of a great writer. Always put your writing out there, let your writing be accessible to people. This can be done through posting blogs and let people comment on whatever you have written. It gives a student writing work to be criticized or given the necessary praise it deserves. Therefore a student is able to know where to improve and also the strong points. A student should write as if you are talking to someone or even to a group of people.


One should learn to be conversational in the writing process. Do not be too stiff on your writing, therefore open up yourself, so that the readers can get to know the real you. Have sentences that make sense, this way one is able to be concise in his or her work. A student should always write on point and avoid mixing up of ideas.  Always be original in your work, even if you are on the process of learning, try as much as possible to be original.


Avoid copying from Wikipedia and other internet sources, as this will lead to plagiarism. It is very hard for any copied work to be accepted by people and even given the credit it deserves. A student should always have a conclusion in each and every work done. It should be short and simple since you are just summarizing. After concluding, you should then revise to make sure there are no mistakes, whether grammatical or any other types of writing mistakes. Proofreading should then follow to make sure everything is alright. A student should practice these tips and work on any other writing related tips, in order to be a perfect writer.


By Katherine Brown


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