Blogging As A Career

In the previous article we defined a bit more about what blogging consists of, and this definition applies to any type of blogging. But what about blogging as a career? What if you could write and tell the world about whatever it is that you are passionate about and make money from it? Well, you actually can.


You might have read blogs like The Huffington post and believed that it was nothing more than an inspiring, news bearer, well written website. But what you might have not known, is that it produces more than 2 million Rand a month!  How is that even possible? Well, after a while of good planning, with a good strategy and consistency it is more than possible. But let’s be real, nobody starts with that pay, so let me give you some more useful information to help you get started in the blogging world.

Getting into the market

There are many ways of producing an income through blogging. If you are at the beginning stage and would like to build a platform of readers and ensure you are paid for it, you can start with freelance writing or as a ghost writer. This means that you will be writing for someone else’s blog and they will pay you per post depending on the amount of words. This website (Uptasker) could be a great example of this, since they give you the opportunity to write about your career and generate income from it. Once your articles are published, you can share them with your friends and in your social media platform, so people get used to reading you and decide whether they enjoy it or not.

If you choose to start directly with your own blog, same thing. Share your content as much as you can to build a platform of readers, and try to focus on your targeted audience. Making money from a blog takes time and effort, but it is possible and if it is done well it can be a total win. Advertising will be one of your greatest friends if you are starting, sponsorship can also work and once you have already built a platform of credibility and quality you could start using your blog to sell your own merchandise (products, ebooks, music, whatever you want to create) and you can also start making online and offline events for people to assist (workshops, forums, etc.).

What do you have available?

This might sound funny, but who do you know in your world that can help you build your blog? Is there someone you can interview? Do you know any video editors or graphic designers? Do you know any photographers? Stylists? The success of your blog will also depend on your creativity to join strengths with people you know.

I have a friend who uses her blog to write inspirational poetry and stories about relationships and life struggles. She started it as a hobby, but as she perfected her writing skills and realised she could do way more with the platform that she had, she started traveling around the world and creating more and more experiences to tell. She partnered with a freelance photographer and a fashion designer, and together they have been creating exotic and creative content for people in Latin America to see and read about.

What about other writers? Have you ever thought that you could do write a blog collectively? An example of how this is done could be The Hillsong Collected blog ( Even though they do not write for profit, this is a space where different areas of a church talk about different topics, and all of them are written by different authors. Writing together with other people different from you will definitely help you expand the reach and relevance of the blog. You can even think of TED talks, even though they are not a blog specifically, the strength of this movement lies on the variety of their topics and expertise. They bring different people together to teach people who have different interests, and it is a total success! Sometimes what you need is someone else’s voice to partner up with yours.

Remember this is your space, and you can do whatever your imagination allows you with it! I would love to encourage you to dream big and take the opportunity, take the opportunity to be heard and use it well. Use it to inspire other people, use it to teach, to raise others and to leave a good legacy out there. Today the world is more connected than it’s ever been before, and you have a platform available for your voice to be heard and your creativity to be seen by all these people, don’t waste the chance you have in front of you!

Was this helpful? What else do you know about blogging? Let us know!


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