Overcoming The Obstacles Keeping You From Career Happiness

It’s a huge challenge to consider a major change in your life, from planning for a baby to changing your career path. You’re at that point where you wonder if you can make that change, you doubt that it really is possible. Leaving your job can be a difficult step.

So let’s look at the common obstacles people face and some tips to overcome them.

Where do I begin, it’s just too much work to bother changing careers. While it is true that changing careers does require a lot of time, you have to remember it doesn’t happen all at once. If you sit down and take things a step at a time, work out your *plan of attack*, break down your steps or tasks into smaller more achievable goals and you’ll find it’s a lot more manageable than you thought, and hey, if it means a better career – it’s well worth it!


I’m too old to change now, I’ll just stay where I am…. Okay, you’ve been in your job or career for many years now and you’re feeling like you’ve come so far or put so much effort into it all – it’s too late to change now…well, maybe those skills and years of experience will transfer quite nicely into a new career. Be sure to update your current resume with all your skills, you will probably find you have gained many new skills since you obtained your current job, be sure to make a note of those too!

Now you’re worried that you might not have enough skills to put into a new career, or are you just unaware of all the skills you do have? At any rate you probably have a lot more skills than you think you do! Think about the other skills you have gained, life skills, and skills from volunteering or a hobby. You can always take on a volunteer job as a way of moving forward and gaining new skills. Evening classes at your local college or TAFE are a great way of learning new skills.

Another big stumbling block some people face is that of the current economy, changing careers can seem like a big risk or gamble, especially if you are the main income earner or have a family, mortgage and other bills to pay – leaving a current secure job to walk into the unknown can feel like a huge deal. But, are you really happy in your current job? So sit down and do some research – you may find that a new career path actually has a more stable long term future than your current work, and there may even be the chance for promotions.

However, whatever you do decide, don’t quit your current job until you are completely sure of your new career path.

If you have already lost your job and you’re looking for a change use this time to seek out a new career path, you have the time to do your research, and you may find a job that ends up suiting you better.  Make sure you have all your up to date contact detail and work skills listed where they can be seen by employers. Losing your job may have been a blessing in disguise, if you were considering a career change now is the time.

Have you changed career paths? Has it been because you had to? Or was it because you wanted to? We’d love to hear all your stories, good or bad.


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