Landing The Perfect Position

The most successful people rise earlier than us average folk. Something crazy like 4am. I love my sleep but I am not a millionaire. This leads me to believe that successful people might be onto something. Whilst I am not suggesting leaping out of bed two hours earlier to get in a session of bikram yoga and a 10 k sprint before work, I am thinking that we need to peek outside of the square when it comes to chasing success. Let’s start small. Let’s start with carving out a route to embark upon to get your dream job. Stop thinking about it. Let’s chase it now.

Landing the Perfect Position


Proactive Approach

An amazing job doesn’t just fall into your lap. If you believe that “What’s for you, won’t pass you”, you should stop reading now. While sometimes luck plays an extraordinary part in people’s success and happiness it is usually the stuff good movies are made of. In real life, we need to strive to find our little piece of heaven. Simply responding to job advertisements for your perfect role will not suffice. Explore all mediums through which you can advertise yourself. Is your Linkedin page up to date? Do you even have a Linkedin page? This is becoming increasingly utilised by employers to headhunt their dream employee. Make yourself noticed. Network with like minded people. Link with potential employers. And always choose an appropriate photo. Not that one where you are in Bali enjoying 2 for 1 cocktails.

Rome wasn’t built in a Day

We have all heard the saying. And it is cliche but very very true. If you think you can be store manager before packing the shelves than you are not going to make it to the top. Cement your dream position in your mind and focus on getting it but be patient. It won’t happen overnight. Be prepared to make sacrifices and do jobs that may seem beneath you. The most successful people are the ones that don’t mind mopping the bathroom floors in their business. Success is built on baby steps. Your dream job is worth putting in some graft.

Dip your Toes

It might not be a bad idea to seek out an internship or even some casual work experience in your ideal role. This might be difficult if you are already working but if any spare time allows it, reach out to potential employers. Sometimes unpaid tenures are the best way to get your foot in the door. It shows initiative and drive. It also gives you an opportunity to feel out your perfect dream role before you dive in head first.

Test Yourself

While you might think that you would make a great astronaut you might not have the smarts to become one. There is a multitude of tests available online to suit your skill-set and personality to the ideal role. If you hate maths, there is no point dreaming about becoming an accountant right? Doing some psychometric testing might open your eyes to other career paths that you could take a stroll down.

Lets get Flexible

Allow yourself fluidity when it comes to seeking a career. Some people are so stringent in their mindset that it is all or nothing. If getting a role in advertising is all you want but you can only seem to crack into marketing, don’t stress. Sometimes we need to take a convoluted path before we reach our final destination. Allow for meanders in the road, blockades on your travel and this way you will be more open for letting success and a dream job into your life.

What are your thoughts about landing the perfect position?


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