It’s Important To Have A Resume Summary

A resume summary is simply a brief overview of the qualities you possess that make you perfect for the job you are applying for. Think of this as a sales pitch to the interviewer – it’s your chance to hook them in and show them what you can do. It’s important to have a resume summary as it allows you to list 3 to 5 skills you have that are most suited to the job you are applying for. It helps show why you are the best match for the position.

If your resume summary doesn’t catch the reader’s eye and showcase your talents it won’t be read further and your hope of being called in for an interview is lost.

If you have an *objectives* section in your resume place your summary directly below. If you don’t have an objective section, place your summary directly under your name and contact details.

Should you have an objectives section? While some feel it’s *old hat* and a resume should have a clear focus in many ways it depends on the situation. Use an objective when:

  • You are changing careers or applying for your first job
  • You know the position you are applying for and you want to make that part of your objective
  • You have many skills – gained from multiple employment and you don’t have a set skill to focus on.


If you don’t have an objectives section you will need to put more thought and focus into your summary. If you are not too keen on the title *Objective* consider using other titles such as Career summary, summary of qualifications, accomplishments – you get the idea, call it what you want, but make sure it has become a part of your resume.

For example a resume with an Objective might look like this – under the title OBJECTIVE you list the full job title and description. Below that in your Summary section a sentence or two of your skills – years in your last position, what you did, followed by bullet points highlighting your skills – good communication, great team member or leader, professional, dedicated etc.

A resume without an objective simply lists your summary.

An objective tries to show the interviewer – this is their job tile, this is what they are looking for – if they are looking for a sales team member your summary simply backs this up and shows them you have the skills they are looking for – you are a team player, have a proven sales records, can meet sales targets, you are willing to push harder, you already have strong ties or connections, you are customer focused and YOU are perfect for the job.


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