How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

Your resume is done; it’s time to write your resume cover letter. If you think writing your resume was hard work it’s even harder to write a stand out cover letter simply because your cover letter is actually the first thing an interviewer will see, a cover letter is your opening introduction and creating that very first good impression is extremely, important. A cover letter is a one page brief and concise statement and does not have to be full of flowery words or pompous statements, just a few flowing sentences that make sense and relate to the position you are applying for.

So, how do you make your cover letter stand out? It’s simple if you break it down into easy steps


  • What position are you applying for? Your cover letter should state the job tile you are applying for – don’t assume people will automatically know why you have sent your resume and which job you are applying for. You will need to be specific about the job role – the company may have a few advertised positions in other departments or areas so don’t have your resume thrown out before it gets a chance to be read. To save confusion state the full job title clearly on your cover letter.
  • Consider where you heard about or found the job listed. Many employers are interested to discover how you found out about their business or company so you can give this information clearly in your cover letter, Simply state you saw their listing on line, in a newspaper, or perhaps heard about it from a friend or one of their employees have recommended you for the role. Have you heard good things about the company or business, outline why you would like to work for them, and list why they should hire you? What is it you can bring to the role, what makes you the perfect match for the position?
  • A few simple points to remember when writing that effective and formal cover letter – use 12 point size fonts with proper formatting, the right space between words, sentences and margins. Avoid overcrowding your cover letter and avoid long words, sentences or paragraphs – this will only produce an unpleasant and unprofessional letter. Avoid the use of any graphics, icons, pictures or emoticons that have no significance to your cover letter.

You need a cover letter that is easy to understand and easy to read.


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