Changing Your Job Search Strategy

There are many reasons why your search for hourly work just isn’t working out – maybe it’s where you live, the economy or being too over or under qualified. So you have updated and tweaked your resume as much as you can, and you’ve applied for dozens and dozens of jobs, but you’re still not getting anywhere. Take this as a sign to sit back and re-evaluate your job search strategy

Are you treating every job the same? Not all companies are looking for the same application. Try not to think of it as a *numbers game* – instead you need to understand the company, their needs, their position in the industry and their hiring practices. You need to customise your cover letter/application to suit every different industry and job – or you will find your application in the bin. The time it takes to turn out a well crafted application is time well spent – so if you believe you are the right person for the job – prove it!

Don’t make up your own rules – job applications come with specific requirement, this is to help the interviewer work out who to call in, unfortunately those who have been looking for work for some time fall into the *trap* of just picking and choosing what they want to add and this can work against you. Make sure you follow any and all instructions if the application has a specific person listed as a contact make sure you contact them and only them. Interviewers are looking for a new employee quickly and want to get the position filled and move one, so if you can’t take the time to read instructions you may have just taken yourself out of the running.

If you find you are getting ignored maybe it’s time to renovate your resume, As a rule for every 10 resume’s you send out, you should get at least one call back so if that’s not happening there is something wrong. Look at your resume again does it fit well with the position and industry you are looking for. If your resume isn’t getting your foot in the door it needs attention. Remember a resume needs to accomplish a lot quickly so if you’re not getting calls, you need to *re-brand* yourself to show you meet the employers standards and needs and how you can meet their goals.


Are you applying for jobs you can’t do? Just because it sounds like your dream job, or is in the industry you are looking to enter into doesn’t mean you should apply for a position you are not qualified for. It is quite a common mistake for job seekers to apply for work they are not qualified enough for in their eagerness to get the job. Thinking *I have done those jobs before* or *I think I can do that* isn’t enough, the interviewer wants someone who can handle the work easily and will be looking in your resume for proof you can do the work. While it can be hard to meet all the criteria set out for the position, you should be aiming to meet about three quarters of the required qualifications, so make sure your resume reflects that.

You need to have a set game plan. Searching for hourly work needs a different mix of approaches; so try not to put all your eggs in one basket as they say – don’t rely on just one way to find a job. Consider cold-calling, networking, social media, the Internet and newspapers. Looking for a job can be tiring and hard – but the more effort you put into your job search the more rewarding the search – and your new job, will be.

Have you found changing your job strategy helped? What has worked for you?


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