How To Be *The One*

The big question most job hunters ask themselves is – how do I rise up above all the rest and become the one that is chosen for that job! It’s the dream job, the must have job, the job you’d practically *die for*. In the end, job hunting and dating are very similar it all boils down to confidence! You also need to know exactly what you do want in a job and also what you don’t want in a job. There is really not much point in putting all your effort into charming the job interviewer if the job really isn’t the right match for you.

So, how do you find a job that you know you’re just going to love? Spending time scrolling through job websites is a lot like bar hopping on a Saturday night. Every job on the board is dressed to the nines with fancy descriptions all set to lure you in and make you want them – so how do you sort out which is the best one for you?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for your first job, or you have been looking for weeks or months still deciding what job is right for you is not an easy task. Just like dating there are a lot of choices but no guarantees. The job that looks attractive might turn out to be a dud, and that one you’re not too sure about could be a winner. You need to look hard for the job that suits you, you need to look past the promise of a big wage and find the one that suits you for 40 hours a week.

Once you’ve cut through the layers you need to approach the job that’s right for you – or at least the one you think is right for you. Make sure your resume has been put together properly and be honest and open about what you want and what you can and can’t do. Point out what it is that makes you unique or special and what you can bring to the position. Stay truthful so you don’t end up matched to a job that isn’t quite right for you.


Think of your application along the same lines as replying to a profile on a dating site – so make sure your resume is tailor made for the job and match each relevant point on your resume to that of the job description. Ensure that your cover letter uses the shortest and simplest description to show you are the right person for the position, where possible try and use the same words they do. While this might sound strange it can make you stand out as an applicant worthy of an interview.

The interview will be strange, scary and thrilling but don’t let your butterflies get in the way; remember the interviewer is also unsure if you’ll be the right fit for the job. So even if you’re not quite right for the job – if the job is what you want you will need to persuade the interviewer that you are the one, or at least deserve a follow up interview. This is easily achieved by finding common interests with your interviewer and try and point out how you and the company make a good fit. Create your own comfort zone, dress up not down, arrive early and make an effort. If you look good and if you look like you have passion and are confident it will all appeal to the interviewer.

Don’t give up if you don’t get the job you applied for, chances are you won’t find a perfect match straight away, so learn from the experience and see if there is something better you can do next time. Never lose heart!

How do you try and stand out in interviews??? Have you just aced an interview?  Do you have any advice to share?


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