Great Ideas for Becoming an Entertainer

Not afraid of being the butt of all the jokes? Ever thought about venturing into the world of party entertaining? We don’t mean handing out canapés; think of clowning, balloon animals and face painting! Don’t worry if you are not brave enough to entertain kids dressed as Bobo. There are other excellent ways that becoming an entertainer can help you earn some extra cash.

Awesome ideas to become an entertainer


A very lucrative money earner is that of wedding entertainment. A solo singer at a wedding can earn upwards of R4 500  with very in-demand performers earning as much as R12 000. If you wish to start making a buck from your musical talents, Uptasker is a super way to get cracking to find your perfect entertainer for your event. For those with voices that could shatter mirrors, fear not; there are lots of other ways to sell your services while bringing smiles and laughter to an audience.


Maybe you are the funny guy or gal in your group. Find your friends laughing at you, and you are not quite sure why? Another novel money-maker is providing your comedic talents at events. Comedians fare better than solo musicians; probably due to the responsibility comedians have to make people giggle! The remarkable thing about offering your comedic skills for money is that you needn’t invest anything, besides maybe in some marketing. If people want to hire you fantastic. If they don’t, no biggie; it’s not like you have a store full of perishable items. It’s not advisable to rely on this type of work as your single stream of income until you are confident that you are receiving a reliable stream of bookings.

Children’s Entertainer

These days, kids parties are becoming more and more like those as seen in MTV’s “My Sweet Sixteen”. Parents are bending to pressure and are forking out more and more cash to keep their little treasures happy on their birthday. Some common types of entertainment that children love at birthday parties are animal interactions and meet and greets with their Disney or Pixar heroes or even magicians. If you possess the stunning beauty of princess Elsa from Frozen, you could make some cash posing and taking pictures with young fans. If not, you could always get yourself a furry mask and play the beast from that other hit movie! Petting zoos are good money earners, so if you are good with animals, you could bring a farm experience to a party! Think donkey rides and exotic animal handling. Be warned; working with kids and animals can be tough, and there are health and safety risks. Do your research on the legalities of providing an animal encounter before grabbing your goat and heading down to a kids party.

Entertainment Rental

Another great side earner suitable for entertaining both little and big kids is to rent out some party equipment. Bouncing castles are timeless and can put relatively easy money in your pocket. Some other lucrative ventures in the world of entertainment rentals are flower walls, LED lights and light-up dance floors. All of these items are popular at weddings, but people with big budgets and glamorous style are chasing signature pieces for birthday parties and other celebrations. The opportunities are therefore increasing for these items outside of the wedding season. The beauty of entering the entertainment rental business is that little skills or experience are necessary. You will need to invest money in the products that you intend to rent, but aside from that, all you need is excellent customer service skills and the ability to be flexible. From a marketing perspective, you could set up a Facebook page, design a logo on Canva and start to build your customer base by providing some introductory offers. If you are interested in promoting your entertainment business on Uptasker sign up here.


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