Get Your Home Ready For Your Guest

Have you ever dreamt of hosting the best party ever? Where every detail of it was solved and your home became a legend due to its exquisite arrangement? As summer begins, the feeling of Christmas is all around. And when Christmas arrives in your home, so do family and friends.

Get Home Ready For Your Guest

If you’re a people-person like me, whenever there is a holiday season like Christmas, it’s inevitable that you host people in your home. Whether they come just for the party or stay in your home for a couple of days, the house needs to be ready for your guests so that everyone can remember the best celebration of the year. However, have you asked yourself, “What do I need to get prepared?” Or, “Where do I begin?”

Here you will find some areas that you need to consider in order to get your home ready for your guest and beyond that, to create a party that they will never forget.

Think about the guest

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when getting your home ready for a guest is your guest. Are you having people stay the night? Is it interstate or overseas family that will be your guest for a couple of days? If that’s the case, then get the room ready!

There is nothing more important than making your guest feel welcome in your house. Get the bed sheets, blankets and all that you need to have their bed ready for their visit. Perhaps it’s a small house and you need to set up the couch. That’s fine! Do all that you need to do to make their night the most comfortable night possible.

One of the things that your guest will always remember is the attention to detail. Provide your guest with the elemental stuff that they will need. This includes things like:

• Fresh extra towels

• A power board to charge their electronic devices

• The wifi password

• Room in the closet in case they want to hang some clothes

Having these things covered will bring that sense of “home” to all of your guests.

The house essentials

When you have a guest over for a night or for the holiday season, it’s vital to consider the general cleaning of the house. Having a  clean house will help relieve all kinds of tension. Perhaps consider hiring a cleaning service to clean those areas you don’t have time to do. In particular, the shower, bathroom and toilets.

Another thing to consider for creating the best party in your home is the atmosphere. Think about having a good playlist. You don’t need to hire a DJ for it, just select the mood type you want to create. This, as well as Christmas decorations, can bring another vibe to your party. Find what you like and create that holiday feeling that everyone will remember.

The kitchen, the heart of the party

Food is what brings (and keeps) people together. Believe it or not, food will always be one of the essential things in your holiday celebrations. But before getting into the food, let’s talk about the table.

To have all the plates and cutlery accessible is key for your guest. Make sure you arrange your kitchen in a way that plates, glasses, cutlery, wine glasses, and more are easy to find. Help your guest feel at home by eliminating the need to constantly ask you for the basics.

If you’re having the party of the year and you are expecting a big group of people, get extra disposable plates, cups and cutlery; don’t be that kind of host that sends the guest out for something you ran out of.

Food is essential. Be on top of the things that you need. Start filling up your fridge, freezer and cupboards! Take time to plan what you need so that you don’t have to get everything last minute. With all of these things in mind, preparing the table for your guest will be so much easier.

The garden option

There is nothing like having your backyard ready for summer holidays. Small or big, your garden can be one of those elements that can bring your guest that Christmas feeling. As sharp as you want to be, get your garden ready! Does it need maintenance? Or perhaps does it need garden design? Or is it as simple as cleaning the braai?

If your guest is over for several days, perhaps the garden can be the place where they find a little scape of privacy and relaxation. Or why not for summer holidays? It could be the best excuse for a braai. Another good reason to get your garden ready for the guest is that you can always extend the area to outside in case you have extra people during the party.

Summer holidays are always a good excuse to have people over. Christmas is not the exception. Preparing the room for your guest, having good access to kitchen elements and food, and creating a great atmosphere at home and in your garden could be the solutions you need for having memorable holidays with everyone.

Get your home ready for your guest, whether it’s just for a single event or for over a couple of days. You could be the host they talk about for the years to come.



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