7 Workplace Tips For 2018 

7 Workplace habits for 2018 

People spend at least a third of their day working. For some this is a pleasant experience, because they feel like they are doing what they love and always dreamt of. For others, it might be the most painful period of their day. And for others, it might just be boring.

What if that changed this year? Wouldn’t it be awesome if work could be enjoyed instead of endured?

I thought of a few tips that might help you improve your time in the workplace and maybe even change your perspective about it! So let me give you a hand!

Declutter your desk once a week and keep it tidy. 

Our College principal always told us that the condition of our bedroom was the condition of our lives. And this is actually very accurate. I remember how during tests’ season I used to have my room all over the place, and when I was doing well, it was more tidy.

But this is not ideal. A cluttered desk will never help you give your best and stay focused, instead it is a constant reminder of the lack of organisation in your life. This year, make the decision to clean up your workspace at least once a week, get rid of old receipts and things you don’t need and try to minimise the tools you use. A good physical space will help you have a better mental space.

Focus on one thing for an hour. 

Whenever I try to be productive I fall into the mistake of working on various things at a time. I try to reply to whats app messages, check my email and plan budgets all at the same time. Somehow, this gives me the feeling that I am doing more, but in reality I am not doing anything well because I am too spread out.

Try focusing on one single thing for an hour. Put your phone on plane mode if possible, close your e-mail and choose one task to do without any interruption. You have no idea of how fast you can finish something if you give it your full attention. If it becomes boring after an hour, take a 10 min break and switch to another task to come back to this one later. But try focusing on one thing at a time.

Think in terms of goals instead of hours.

When I did my internship in a plastic industry, I used to think of the day in hours, but I always ended my day feeling unproductive. When I started my design internship, I started seeing my job as a set of daily goals instead of things I had to work on for 8 hours.

What 5 things can you accomplish today? Can you do that in 8 hours or less? Give it a try!

Come in 5 min early and leave right on time.

Being on time says a lot about you, and being early says even more. Take 5 min before work to organise yourself set up your desk or simply say hi to your workmates, this will help you be in the mood to start your day right.

Also, as much as you would like to reply those 34 emails you just received before your shift ended, decide to leave on time, they will still be there tomorrow, and if everyday you choose to stay working late, you will never get the rest you need. There will always be more work, but if you don’t decide to rest you might not get another chance. Go home and enjoy your family and friends!

Don’t take your work home.

When I say go home and enjoy, I mean it! This year make the decision to leave your job related worries and struggles at work. Of course you can ask for advice to your friends and family, but make sure this is not the only topic of conversation amongst you. Remember there is a life outside of work!

Set yourself personal growth goals.

If you are not careful and intentional, a full year might pass you by and you will realise you did not learn anything new when it comes to your career or skills. This year set yourself personal goals, maybe choose to learn a new thing or improve a technique every month. If you did that for twelve months that involves 12 new or improved skills you would’ve acquire.

Have fun

Work doesn’t have to be a pain! Make small changes that will help you have fun at what you do! Change the playlist you listen to while you work, change the way you relate to your workmates and even the way you create new ideas for the company. Think outside the box and make your work a better place.

What other habit do you think would be helpful to change the way you see work this year?


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