7 Excuses To Leave Work Early

There are times when it is acceptable to leave work early. And there are times when it is not. Queuing up for the latest iphone or go see you football team play are really not going to fly with your manager but there are actually plenty of times when you may just be able to nab a half day ; even if it is spent stuck to the toilet…which brings me nicely to the first excuse.


Leave Work Early


Excuse 1 – Illness

This might seem like an obvious reason to leave work early, but it is amazing how many people plough though their working day even when they are ill. Sometimes a niggling headache may not suffice as a valid enough reason to leave pressing deadlines incomplete but tummy bugs definitely require you to go home. The reason is for your own health but also for those around you. Any illness that can be spread needs to be contained. Especially in an office with only one bathroom.

Excuse 2 – Bereavement

Again, this is a fairly obvious one. It is unthinkable that someone can continue to work proactively after receiving devastating news. Most organisations offer their staff some personal leave for such circumstances.

Excuse 3 – Plumbing Emergency

You have received a call from your neighbour who has informed you that your pipe has burst and there is water rushing down the street. Or even worse, some poop. Shut down your PC quick – this is a valid excuse to bail on work!

Excuse 4 – Jury Duty

No one can argue with the law. Getting a summons to do jury duty is something your employer cannot argue with. Just hope that the case is an interesting one at the very least.

Excuse 5 – Dog Days

Sometimes our furry friends can cause havoc and we have to come to the rescue. Examples of how our pets can aid us to leave work early is when they are a danger to themselves or others. My colleague often gets an angry call in the arvo from her neighbour to come collect her canine that is running riot on the street and plucking her laundry from the clothes line in the garden. Sometimes I think said work friend is in cahoots with her pet and leave the gate unlocked on purpose. Doggy gets to ramble and colleague gets to escape the office!

Excuse 6 – Childrens Play

Children come in handy. Parent/Teacher meetings offer relief from the day to day grind of the office (contingent on you having an angelic child). On a serious note though, there will be obviously times when your child is ill and you will need to leave work. I think there are very few employers out there who would refuse you the leave time to attend your kid’s needs. And if they do? Well then they are probably not worth working for.

Excuse 7 – Dentist/Doc Appointment

You have to love the dentist and doctor. They provide us with care that is comfortably reminiscent of our childhood. Either that or they jab a needle in our arms and gums. If you are a glass half full kind of guy you will appreciate these little sojourns to the doc’s office. Rather than sift through endless paperwork, you get to flick through women’s health and fitness mags in the waiting room. If you are a really good patient you might even get a lollipop. Leaving work early to visit the dentist or doctor will more than likely require a medical certificate. Ensure that you check with your employer.

Now that you are equipped with 7 reasons to leave work early, you have a good starting point to guide you to acceptable situations when your absence is ok. Of course the list is exhaustive but this provides you with some framework. The most important thing is to always notify your manager when you need to shoot off unexpectedly.




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