5 Jobs You Can Get As An Architect

5 Jobs you can get as an architect

If I could add further studies to my curriculum right now, I would definitely choose to study Architecture. I have many friends who graduated in the field, but what surprised me, was to see that all of them worked in different fields with the same degree. The reason for this is that the variety of skills you learn in a career like that does not allow for you to be boxed as a professional.

Depending on your work experience, your strengths and passion there is an interesting variety of fields that you could get involved in right after you graduate. Hopefully one of these would be helpful for you! So here you go, 5 jobs you can get with an architecture degree.


Have you ever thought that not every company has the time or appropriate people to draft their design plans? This is where a drafter comes in. A drafter is a technical drawer, who turns an initial idea made by another architect or engineer, into a technical detailed drawing.

They can digitalise plans in programs like Autocad, and depending on the request, they can hand in a complete visual example with meassurements, materials and building procedures included.

So if you just graduated and maybe are not confident enough to create something from scratch, but still want to improve and apply your skills, this might be the perfect job for you! You will have the opportunity to learn closely from the best, and even train your problem solving skills, when asked for an opinion or solution on the spot.

Production designer

This is a bit of an out of the box job! Production designers usually build stages, sets and structures for the creative and media field. Every media set needs to be approved by and architect, but why not be the person who designs it as well!

This is a very fast paced and ever changing environment. You will certainly learn about flexibility if you work in the arts field, because last minute changes are real. Also, if you consider designing for a band or touring show, you will have to not only design the stage for one venue, but adapt the same concert to every venue they decide to use on tour.

This job requires a bit more creativity when it comes to the functionality of a design, but it is definitely a fun one to try out.

City/town planner

Have you ever thought that behind every city there is actually a mastermind connecting all the dots together. Each building and green space is strategically positioned in the landscape and each city and town has a particular design that makes it unique.

If you are passionate about big picture planning in practical steps, this might be a great experience for you. For this job the main concern will always be sustainability and development more than just visual design. Your job would be to develop ideas to improve the quality of life for the community.

Landscape designer

If you are into nature, beauty and organization, this might be the perfect job for you! Landscape designers are in charge of making the most out of nature to create beautiful spaces both for recreation and other purposes.

For this job you will definitely have to work with landscape specialists to ensure that your landscape can continue to be beautiful through seasons and also easy to maintain. For this job you will have science specialists, who would know all the details about the plants you are working with. Overall it sounds like a good job for someone who likes organized spaces and wants to create a visual natural impact in communities.

Historic Buildings inspector

If you are an art keeper this is definitely for you. Historic buildings would not be present today if it weren’t for the people who passionately worked at keeping them in shape. This job involves the inspection, maintenance and reformation of historic buildings. It involves renewing old buildings without altering the main essence of each of them. It might sound like an easy job, but this is one that requires a huge attention to detail and historic formation.

The truth is that studying architecture does not only open job opportunities for your but prepares you for life. Attention to detail, organizational skills, budgeting skills, personal relations with customers, design interpretation, are all skills that might seem random to you. But you can actually apply these skills anywhere, and not only in the architectural field.

For the majority of these jobs, you will also not be spending most of your time in an office, but you will get to experience site visits (which you must do to do your job). So one thing is for sure, you will most likely never be bored.

So what other jobs do you know of that you can get with an architecture degree? Let us know!


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