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Good day, my netball club has applied for the lotto previously. This is our second application and we need a signed accounting officers report on a letterhead, plus practise number. An accountant have assisted us with the compilation of the full report, but he brought to our attention that he has not done the course to sign off as a reviewer. We need a qualified person to check and sogn offthe report please? Kind regards.

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Posted by
Luke S.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: I want to start a small business next year and need to become vat registered. I also need an inexpensive software package unless you do that. I am a one man band.
Nov 20, 2021
Posted by
Mike L.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: I am looking for an accountant for my small business, and specifically: 1. Monthly bookkeeping including VAT 201 submission, payroll (2 employees), EMP201 PAYE/UIF, management account (when required), and tax advice when required. 2. Yearly bookkeeping including IRP5, EMP501, annual financial statement, IT14 income tax submission, IRP6 bi-annual provisional tax return, and CIPC returns.
Nov 4, 2021
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When: I'm flexible
Job Description: Goeie dag Ek wil graag uitvind wat die kostes sal wees om my huidige besigheids boeke oor te dra na julle toe. Baie dankie Stephan.
Oct 19, 2021