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I assist females in fitness training and nutrition in order to lose or gain weight, tone, strengthen or general or targeted body building/shaping. Available to train at your premises or in the gym.
Hi! I’m Matthew, I’ve been lucky to be a part of the fitness industry for the last 7 years. In this time, I’ve spent 4 years in Cape Town, where I honed my skills, working with a variety of clients and special cases, age groups ranging from 18-72. I was also able to complete a sports massage qualification which I thoroughly enjoyed and had the chance of working with the professional football team Ajax Cape Town. With my new found skills, I was eager to go abroad and continue learning. I landed a position on The Maasdam, USA, a 5...

VO2 Max

Durban, KZN
Services: personal trainers, sports massage, fitness coaches


Durban, KZN
Services: personal trainers, yoga classes, martial arts classes, tai chi
International trainer with 15+ years experience in personal training from celebrities to Olympic athletes NOW based at Pavilion Virgin Active in Durban. Unique style is quick & efficient, methods are intense and challenging, perfect for any committed individual regardless of experience. 1 on 1 Personal Training or bring a friend/s for a cheaper rate per person. Meal plans and training programs to reach your fitness goals.

New You Health & Beauty Spa

Durban, KZN (6.4km from Durban)
Enjoy life with a healthy body! Your body was designed to heal itself for 120 years! We, at the New You Spa, provide tools to help your body regenerate a healthy New You. Our approach to your health is holistic. ALL OUR TREATMENTS ARE NON-INVASIVE – we do NOT puncture your skin!!! We smooth out knotted and twisted muscles, strengthen skin, detox lymph systems and offer fun group exercises including water aerobics during the summer time. Our services include: Curatio; A variety of massages; Foot care; Facials and face lifts; Skin tag, warts and other skin blemish removals using electrolysis;...

On Track

Durban, KZN (6.4km from Durban)
On Track, Centre for Sports Excellence is the culmination of years of sports science experience with the aim of providing world class sports medicine support to not only elite athletes the world over but also to the general public. Having been involved in several of our South African National teams including our Olympic and Commonwealth teams, it became essential to provide a facility in KwaZulu-Natal where athletes and sporting individuals could go to receive the special attention they required. Apart from the elite athlete, local clubs and active individuals in the Durban and KZN area, have benefited from our multi-disciplinary...

Muve Fitness

Durban North, KZN (8.9km from Durban)
We can assist with: • Weight Loss; • Toning; • Pre/Post Pregnancy; • Functional Fitness; • Sports Specific.

Shape Up Slim Down

Durban North, KZN (8.9km from Durban)
Services: personal training, hair products, healthcare solutions, skin care products, fitness training, weight management, nutritional supplements

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How can a personal trainer help me?

A personal trainer is a brilliant guide for those who want to keep fit and healthy in a manner which optimizes benefit without straining the capabilities of the body. Personal trainers are also experts at toning certain areas of the body and building up strength and fitness according to each client’s abilities. A personal trainer will create a customized workout regime, ensuring safety is foremost for the client. It is all very well going to a gym and exercising on all the machines available, but you might just be doing more harm than good in your efforts. If, for instance, you have a chronic back problem, you may well be aggravating the problem by undertaking unsupervised exercises which put additional strain on the back muscles and joints. A personal trainer will assist in strengthening weak muscles and aiding mobility and endurance without causing any further deterioration or injury to the body.

How can a personal trainer help with different needs?

There are four main types of physical activity, being: aerobic, muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening and stretching, and each activity works in a different way, has a different focus and end result. Aerobic exercise, for example, has a direct benefit on the lungs and heart, whereas strengthening exercises increase flexibility by placing the emphasis on the body’s joints and supporting muscles. Working with a personal trainer will ensure that you are carrying out exercises which are aimed at the areas you need to work on. If you are a little hesitant at being the sole focus of a personal trainer, it is possible to join a small group led by a trainer, with the same end result. Personal trainers assist in maintaining motivation in their clients by setting achievable goals and providing feedback and encouragement. 

Principles of good practice are vital

Principles of good practice are always foremost in the minds of personal trainers. For example :

  • being sore is not indicative of a good workout;
  • it is not necessary to ‘punish’ clients with harder workouts when they have exceeded their agreed dietary allowance;
  • there is a limit to the amount of protein that the body needs. Excessive protein intake does not equal muscle growth;
  • a good warm-up procedure is essential before hard training;
  • empathy and understanding of the client’s lifestyle and motivation is important to achieve the best results;
  • adopting a long-term focus with clients is vital in order to achieve long-term results;
  • there is no single exercise which will build fitness, muscle or strength;
  • ensure that instructions are communicated clearly to the client. PT jargon does not help the client to understand what needs to be done. A personal trainer knows what is required, but the client probably doesn’t, so explanation and, if necessary, demonstration may be necessary;
  • a personal trainer is not the sole decision-maker. He or she is there to guide and advise clients to make the best decisions for themselves and their lifestyles;
  • personal training should not consist of just counting repetitions and pushing the client’s endurance levels. It must involve taking the client from one fitness point to another in the safest, most effective and enjoyable manner;
  • if an exercise plan devised for a client is not achieving the desired results, be prepared to re-assess the regime and adapt it for better results. Nothing is set in stone, and what works for one person, may not work for another. This is all part of coaching for results.

The above are just a few of the principles which govern a good personal trainer’s approach and attitude. There are many more, which makes it clear that a personal trainer is a skilled, trained and highly knowledgeable specialist who operates in a disciplined sphere of expertise.

How to find the right personal trainer for your needs

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Word of mouth may ultimately be the best way to find the right personal trainer for your needs, especially if you have friends or colleagues who are working with one of these specialists. Alternatively, you could locate them through various gyms where they might be based. Sports and allied magazines and publications are also good resources, as is the Yellow Pages. Whilst they may not yet be overly active in advertising via the internet, a good search site such as Uptasker may help in this regard. Uptasker provides online ratings, customer reviews and website links (if available) which are an invaluable aid. Since it lists in geographical locations, finding a personal trainer through this site is much faster than other search engines.

Top personal trainer tips

Top personal trainer tips

If you are planning to employ a personal trainer, be prepared to listen to advice and follow the exercise plan. Don’t make excuses and think that you will actually achieve results without the effort involved. And, please, don’t think that periods of regular exercising will automatically recharge your metabolism and give you the freedom to eat junk food and indulge in sweet treats with abandon. Controlled and supervised exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer, together with a guided diet and perhaps certain lifestyle changes, will do wonders for both your mind and body. For more tips, see our personal trainer articles.

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