New You Health & Beauty Spa

New You Health & Beauty Spa

Enjoy life with a healthy body!
Your body was designed to heal itself for 120 years! We, at the New You Spa, provide tools to help your body regenerate a healthy New You.
Our approach to your health is holistic. ALL OUR TREATMENTS ARE NON-INVASIVE – we do NOT puncture your skin!!!
We smooth out knotted and twisted muscles, strengthen skin, detox lymph systems and offer fun group exercises including water aerobics during the summer time.
Our services include:
A variety of massages;
Foot care;
Facials and face lifts;
Skin tag, warts and other skin blemish removals using electrolysis;
Breast enhancement using bio-rythmic pulser machine;
Laser hair removal on small areas;
Infrared sauna blanket detox;
Qigong stretching and energy restoration therapy.


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New You Health & Beauty Spa

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 4051