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Wordbloom Media Mastery

Musgrave, Berea, KZN (0.8km from Berea)
We solve the issue of lack-lustre editorial and visuals borne from inexperience, poor service and mediocre commitment by offering corporates, NGOs, small business owners and self-publishers a comprehensive, professional package of shepherding their media from conceptualisation to print or upload with excellence. Our undisputed attention to detail and concern for the overall appearance, tone and professionalism of their media is undergirded by 29 years of diverse media production experience. We are a one-stop graphic design shop for your next print and digital campaign!

Select Web

Durban North, KZN (7.6km from Berea)
Website design & development; website upgrades, website maintenance, search engine optimisation services, copywriting and content creation for websites, newsletters, blogs, brochures, company profiles. Select Web has been designing and developing web sites for over 25 years. Our websites are mobile friendly, SEO friendly, secure, trustworthy and easy to update. We are based in Durban however we work with clients all over South Africa.
 |  Posted 2 years ago

The Weblab

Windermere, Berea, KZN (2.1km from Berea)
We are a digital marketing agency focused on boosting your sales & leads. Wondering how all your competitors are ranking on Google and showing up all over the internet with targeted ads? We promise you they don’t use black magic or Vudu spells. We can clear the air and get your business a piece of the online pie too! Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.


Durban Central, Durban, KZN (3.4km from Berea)

Fosker Media

Durban North, KZN (7.6km from Berea)
Here at Fosker Media, our goal is to help businesses build and grow their businesses online by crafting their branding and implementing a marketing strategy for their business to grow online.

Smart SEO

Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga, KZN (14.3km from Berea)
Smart SEO experts understand Google’s algorithm so that you can achieve organic traffic. Some of the variables we focus on are making your website mobile-friendly, faster and easier to navigate. SEO is the number one strategy to increase the visibility of your website. We help your business rank on the top of the search engines using everlasting SEO strategies. Find out if we can help you today! Organic traffic | Increase visibility | More conversions

NOX Media Group

New Germany, Pinetown, KZN (16.2km from Berea)
Our targeted approach to paid advertising guarantees successful, high-performing campaigns. With over 40+ successful projects and a proven track record of delivering effective strategies, we bring the experience necessary to achieve results aligned with your budget and objectives.

NOX Media Group

New Germany, Pinetown, KZN (16.2km from Berea)
Try our spectacular Graphic Design service! We are very client-focused. Our service is molded to provide you with assurance and stability throughout the entire project process. We offer unlimited revisions and 30 days of free technical support, we also maintain constant communication throughout the project(when needed). Our expertise, combined with your vision, always ends up creating a masterpiece!

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Types of Copy and Content Writers

The different marketing needs of companies or businesses need to be met by different skilled individuals. For some companies, they will need copywriters and content writers who can effectively and actively market their products through articles which attract new customers on various media platforms.  This is done either through persuasive copywriting, which is aimed at drawing the potential customer in by the use of targeted, interactive and subtly forceful sales copy, or by using the services of a content writer, who will focus more on writing copy which is more informative or educational, and often very entertaining. Both may be regarded as “professional sellers”.

Both copy and content writers operate across a broad spectrum of advertising platforms, both printed and digital. Most of them are familiar with social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter, for instance, websites, blogs or email campaigns. They are directly involved in direct-response advertising, are instrumental in creating website content and articles and write both product and SEO copy for their employers. 

Increasing sales or making your company or business known

One of the main reasons for using copy and content writers is to increase sales through persuasive, skilled and enticing written copy which draws potential buyers in, even if only initially for further information on the product/s or offers.

This is often done through special offers which are only valid for a limited period, thereby placing a sense of urgency on the potential buyer to act quickly or perhaps “lose out” on the deal. If you want your business to be more visible and well-known to others, then a content writer would be your best choice, as their remit is mainly to focus on informing, educating and entertaining their audience, often through a form of story-telling, and thus bringing them back for more.

How to choose the right copy or content writer

Word of mouth or reviews

A good way of sourcing the right person for the job is by asking other users, or by reading the reviews which are available from previous clients. You could ask for copies of the writer’s work, and see which individuals or companies they have worked with previously. Ideally, use someone who is familiar with your particular needs or industry, and has experience in this area, as well as the platforms you wish to use for exposure. 

Check their writing style and knowledge

Check if their writing style is suitable for your intended audience, as this will be vital in engaging the reader. A writer who relies on humour to sell a product or business will not be suitable for a technical or scientific market, where the reader is likely to be more interested in facts than entertainment. It would be even better if the writer has knowledge of your particular speciality and is able to bring this experience into the mix.

Top content & copywriting tips

Top content & copywriting tips

Although copy and content writers are usually familiar with all forms of advertising in getting their client’s message across to their intended audience, they might be more adept at reaching a particular market niche. Ensure that your writer’s strengths are a good match for your needs as far as possible. Make sure that you and your writer work well together and understand each other in order to ensure you get the best results. Set realistic deadlines and be clear in exactly what you want to achieve from the campaign. For more tips and information, see our copy and content writing articles.

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