Why Jobs Boards Don’t Cut It

We are all familiar with the jobs board; the one stop shop for all positions available, with a handy little sub classification function to bring you straight to the location, salary and job type you are looking for. All sounds very easy and comforting right?

Truth is, jobs boards do not cut it anymore. That is not to say that they are defunct, but that recruiters are now spreading their recruitment wings so to speak, and dipping their beaks into other talent pools. This little article tucks these different mediums of recruitment into a snug little read, showcasing 5 different ways that recruiters are sourcing their star employees.

Why Jobs Boards Don't Cut It

1 – Company Website

Ok, this seems pretty obvious, but it is really not. How many times have you bypassed seek or other jobs boards and went direct to the company page? Companies might choose to skip the generic posting to mass recruitment websites. Why? Candidates that come directly to a company page are very likely to be particularly interested in working for said company. This eliminates the time-wasters that apply for just about anything on jobs boards. As a recruiter who posts on recruitment websites, I have seen it all; “Sir you are applying for a civil engineer position, yet your experience to date is as supervisor in McDonalds….hmmmm”.

2 – Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, even Twitter. Businesses have accepted that social media is not a fad, but in fact a very powerful recruitment tool. It also gives the company some great exposure to the candidate before meeting them. Refrain from applying for a position through social media if your profile photo is of you on the shoulders of some topless dream boat with a Pina colada in each hand. If there are particular companies that interest you, find them on Facebook.Follow their page and be first in the know for positions that they are hiring for.

3 – Recruitment Agencies

Some employers hire exclusively through recruitment agencies. The reasons for this could vary from not having their own HR department, to perhaps wanting to “road test” a candidate temporarily before hiring them permanently. Recruitment agencies often receive negative feedback, but if you are trying to get into a particular company, you may need to make friends with a recruitment consultant.

4 – The Newspaper

Ahh, the good old fashioned newspaper. Yes folks, it is not redundant just yet. The newspaper tends to play a role for companies who are not yet at the point of committing to the online world. Behind every business are real human beings, and some of those may not be comfortable with the world of the internet. Crazy as it seems, there are people like that who still exist. For those of you who cant bring yourself to leaf through the pages of a broadsheet, most newspapers have an online presence.

5 – Jobs Boards..yes you read this right

Ok, so I am contradicting myself in a major way. But let me explain. Jobs Boards are increasingly being used by employers, not to post roles, but to headhunt for candidates. On most of these websites, the user can create a profile of themselves and upload a resume. This way the employer can skip the part where they create an ad and sort through hundreds of unsuitable applicants. Instead, they can find the perfect person for them almost instantly. Make sure that you have an up to date profile of yourself. You never know who will come knocking at your online door. Similarly, LinkedIn is power. Make sure you have a strong presence.

We would love to hear about any other methods of recruitment that you have come across. Please share with us!


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