Landscaping Made Easy

Landscaping is the art of changing your garden into something spectacular and majestic.

With using living elements to create beauty, a well designed landscape can save you water, have a reduction in maintenance and add value to your property. All this is satisfactory seeing as we, in society, are visual creatures and constantly in competition with each other.

Landscaping made easy

Observing the given landscape

Observation (before anything else gets the go ahead) in the field of landscaping, enables the natural features to be utilized and reshaped according to the desired plans. Safety measures are always a priority, as what’s the use of a garden you can’t enjoy! Natural features which are mainly taken into account include – terrain, soil quality, native fauna and flora. Keeping all these in mind help landscapers keep an adequate balance between natural and man-made elements, ensuring everything looks natural and flowing instead of unnatural and forced. In a time where everyone is going ‘green’, landscaping should save time, money and energy as well as reduce pollution and create a healthy space to relax in.

Added aesthetics as part of landscaping

By simply adding a water feature you can create the element of relaxation and bridge the gap between earth and water. Landscaping can often times look too ‘earthy’ without adding a cute water feature or two to break the one element that rules them all, when it comes to landscaping. Fresh turf adds a crisp feeling to any garden and urges many to get those feet bare. Small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to landscaping! Stone walkways contribute a hygienic, appealing look which could benefit the residential and commercial sectors, seeing as even offices these days are trying to give a more natural feel to the outside office areas.

The addition of lush plants and shrubbery will turn any garden into something extraordinary within minutes, presenting a chance to create your very own sanctuary outside the office and home. Some of the most popular plants added to landscapes are daisies, hardy ferns, hibiscus, lavender, roses and violets. Trying to attract various wildlife to any landscape should be a recommended objective!

Landscaping on a budget

‘Smart’ landscaping does not cost you an arm and a leg, especially with all the affordable alternatives available. Just by using low cost mulch(A layer of material applied to the top layer of soil) alternative such as leaves, pine needles, stone, shredded leaves and wood chippings – you can create a clean, low maintenance, nutrient rich cover for your designated spot in the yard. Xeriscaping has made an appearance by which plants are chosen according to the landscape, that don’t need to be watered as much. Simply making use of old tyres to create plant hangers and swings for kids, are but to name a few of which you could make use of old worn out tyres and add that fun factor to your garden.

Vertical gardens have become another option when it comes to landscaping, especially because of limited space in todays Urbanization. The utilization of inexpensive materials to plant in such as recycled bottles, old washed out paint cans and wooden fences are often used by individuals wanting a challenge and willing to take the time to repurpose these.

Landscaping does not have to take hours when you plant smart! Annual self-seeding plants are a great way to have the work done naturally and this is where an irrigation system comes in handy. Less to worry about! The use of edging reduces issues of lawn overgrowth into beds by means of pebbles, cobblestones and bricks. Packing these tightly around the edges definitely adds a rounded, gentler look as well. Start looking at a landscape as a canvas waiting to be turned into a master piece!


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