Hospitality Jobs Tasmania

If you want to work in an industry that gives you the chance to meet a lot of people – from all walks of life, gain skills and knowledge that can see you working anywhere in the world, and you want to work flexible hours then the hospitality industry is for you! This hospitality jobs Tasmania post will point out some tricks of the trade.

There has been a steady growth in the hospitality industry in Tasmania thanks in part to the states amazingly beautiful landscape, it’s unique wildlife, it’s small sleepy town vibe with a vibrant food and wine industry. Put this all together and you have an amazing opportunity to work in a growing hospitality industry.

Hospitality jobs Tasmania

The industry as a whole has a wide range of career paths – from casual work to part time and full time work in a variety of areas including hotels and resorts, restaurants, tourist venues, cafes and in the retail industry.

A career in the cooking, tourism or hospitality industry can include a range of positions including

  • Food and beverage service positions
  • Managerial positions in restaurants and hotels
  • The fitness industry
  • Event organisation
  • Tourism industry

The good thing about working in the hospitality industry on a whole is that no matter what industry you ultimately choose to work in you have a *portable* career that will give you the chance to not only work in Tasmania but anywhere around the world. You’ll be able to meet and work alongside some amazing people and learn new skills or expand on those you have already.

Skills shortage

There is a shortage of skilled cooks and chefs in Tasmania and that could literally put Tasmania’s reputation for fine-dining at risk. The state is actually recruiting workers from overseas to fill positions, especially during peak holiday seasons – and the problem is only going to get worse.

With over 100 vacancies open for cooks chefs and venue managers around the state – now is the time to make the move to Tasmania especially if you are skilled in the food industry. If Tasmania continues to struggle with a lack of chefs they are facing the possibility of either changing venue hours or closing restaurants all together. This is something business owners and customers don’t want to see happen.

It is even harder for business owners to find staff for hospitality positions in the more regional areas of the state. Four chefs were hired from the United Kingdom recently to help fill the gap in qualified staff. Restaurant owners are finding it hard to find staff and especially in the regional areas as those living in Tasmania just won’t relocate to outer areas for work.

Tasmania wants to employ Tasmanians! If you live in Tasmania and are looking to change jobs or are about to leave school, the hospitality industry is in need of good skilled workers – you will find work!

There are always new restaurants opening up and apprentices are definitely in demand – however there is one issue causing problems – literacy skills. There is a decided gap in literacy skills between Tasmania youths and those living in mainland South Africa. A chef needs to have good hand writing and staff need to have good maths skills. Wait staff may be required to add up receipts so you need to be on top of your game.

Restaurants in Tasmania want chefs – they want qualified chefs and they want staff that have passion. Unfortunately many of today’s youth are put off by poor pay rates, the high pressure working conditions and the anti-social hours.

What employers are looking for

Those looking to hire staff in the hospitality industry in Tasmania look for

  • Someone who can manage their time effectively
  • Can work under pressure
  • Are prepared to work nights and weekends
  • Can prioritise tasks
  • Use their initiative
  • Can work under pressure
  • Are able to work as a part of a team
  • Are always punctual
  • Can perform multiple tasks
  • Can follow instructions
  • Can communicate effectively

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