Graphic Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

If you are revamping your website or setting up a new one, you might be on the market for a graphic designer. The world of graphic design is booming. Due to growth in industries including marketing, advertising and technology, businesses are demonstrating an increased desire to engage a graphic designer. Here are some graphic design mistakes to avoid …

Graphic Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

There is a feast of opportunities available for designers, and the development of many tools is making their life a little easier. There is a downside for the consumer however; the graphic design pool is getting somewhat diluted. There is an increase in the number of unskilled graphic designers making a quick buck with the aid of some nifty out of the box design software; like Squarespace opens the doors to wannabe web developers, CANVA is making graphic designers out of those with an eye for style.

While these tools are fantastic and the team at Uptasker are fans, we do want to remind you to err on the side of caution. If you are not willing to pay market rate, you might end up with a master of an out of the box software. What you won’t get is someone that understands the nuances of graphic design. Lack of expertise can affect elements such as balance and consistency.

Paying a little more for a professional is highly advisable if you want to get a high-quality finish. However, if you have a tight budget and you wish to assess the expertise of your potential hire, we have put together this article to bring your attention to some things that an excellent graphic designer won’t do!

Portfolio MIA

Beware of a graphic designer that cannot point you to examples of their previous work. Unless you are hiring a new graduate and they have been upfront about their lack of experience, the designer you are in talks with should be able to show some examples of their creations. It is essential to get a feel for a graphic artists style before committing to them. They may not be able to produce something that aligns with your brand.

Amateur Software

With an increase in the use of do-it-yourself software, clients are unwittingly receiving raster images. This won’t mean much to the masses, but mainly a raster image is comprised of pixels. Scaling a raster to a larger or smaller size will result in loss of the image quality. A vector image, on the other hand, is one created using 2D technology, and most skilled designers will be adept at creating these with software such as Adobe Illustrator. A novice graphic artist might deliver you an awesome logo. However, when it comes to using that logo for different purposes on your website and marketing collateral, you will know why that cheap raster image wasn’t worth it.

Lack of Consistency

When you are reviewing your potential designer’s suite of past creations, watch out for style inconsistencies. An inexperienced or unskilled graphic artist might show their enthusiasm by using an abundance of fonts, colours and images. Unfortunately, while rainbows are beautiful, websites in rainbow disguise are not. Too many hues and a clash of times new roman with san-serif is not a pretty look. A designer that melds many styles together in one piece shows a lack of coordination. The inconsistent form can confuse your branding so tread with caution!

Pushing Buttons

Have you ever met with a potential contractor that talks too much? Or even worse, they try to talk you out of what you want? Yep, we have also. Some creative professionals or any professionals for that matter can be excellent at their craft. However, they may not be so good at talking business. They may try to coax you into abandoning your vision and adopting theirs. Indeed, your designer is best placed to advise you on what is going to make your site pop. However, they should also encourage you to achieve your brand aspirations. Be wary of a professional that tries to discard your mood board.

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