Graphic Design And The Latest Trends

The latest graphic design trends are extremely exciting as well as curiously taking the industry by storm, consisting of various forms such as 3D design, Art Deco, Asymmetrical layouts and Buxom Serifs, there is no limit to what the next trend will be. In using one of these latest trends, you are offered an opportunity to visually communicate far better than before and ultimately captivate consumers in an enchanting way.

Graphic Design And The Latest Trends

3D graphic design

3D graphic design has been used on multiple occasions to manipulate polygons, edges and vertices in simulated 3D spaces in order to gauge the exact requirements to create a design that is accurate and efficient in various artistic ways. Being more realistic in its nature, this method gives designers complete control over how the end result of any project will look on completion making this one of a kind and something that will spark enthusiasm while being utilised in the industry.

Art deco design is a classic

Traditional, classic and vintage designs are so in! Being purely aesthetic enables the art deco design to have such a unique and distinct look and feel without any designated rule to abide by, strictly speaking, whilst using parallel line and tapering forms. This amazingly abstract design concept can be utilised in so many ways, it is absolutely stunning and with the use of particular triangles, large areas of unused space, strong lines and chevron patterns, this graphic design trend is intricately best suited to once off or smaller scale projects looking to showcase a unique design that would grab superior attention in any situation.

Asymmetrical layouts are more dynamic

Intentionally creating an unbalanced design by expressing movement and mood, catches the eye of many thus making asymmetrical layout designs perfect for grabbing attention of the masses. While provoking thought by using this method, you can focus with colours that are high in contrast and gain the required focal point in the process by making use of highlighted shapes and background images in a sort of mismatched way.

Buxom Serifs, what are they?

By using this cheerful, handwritten font, the graphic design is given a three-dimensional effect while using a dainty illustration and bulky impact fonts to grab attention. Buxom Serif fonts are quirky, adding a certain personality and feel to the design while dramatically livening the visual creation. In the diversity department this trend is on the rise and possibly soon to dominate the latest graphic design trends. Customised designs are more in demand as the competition is constantly on the increase, causing any new designs to have to ramp it up a bit in order to gain the “much needed” viewing. These fonts can have a surprisingly positive effect on graphic design creativity as a whole!

Graphic design has certainly started to turn to unique and creative ways of expressing customer needs and wants while maintaining a professional standard when it comes to the ideas being produced. The latest trends can obviously change at any given moment, so it is best to keep educated in this field or inevitably find yourself stuck in a less than desirable design concept that doesn’t make sense in the future. By making sure that a clear visual communication is presented is of far greater value and should be used properly when doing any form of graphic design, keeping consumers interested and left wanting more of this freedom of expression in the given opportunities that frequently present themselves. Get inspired and free your creative side with the latest graphic design trends by opening up to the vast possibilities in designs and techniques thereof!


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