Are You Fit To Work?

Fitness is becoming an inherent part of daily life. Once upon a time it was reserved for a slightly strange bunch of overachievers who ran after work and drank kale smoothies. These days everyone is at. Hell, some offices even have bathrooms equipped with showers for those who like to bike to work. Given that these days most Tom, Dick and Harry consider themselves the working man Usain Bolt I figure I should hop aboard the fitness train and give you guys some tips on how to stay fit while cramming in a 9 to 5.

Are you fit to work?

Early bird catches the worm

I hate to say it but getting up before work is really the way to go when it comes to fighting flab and keeping fit. Our resolve is weak in the evenings. A cinema date or delicious takeaway is far more appealing than post work jog so getting the exercise out of the way early is a great idea. If getting up to go for a jog is your idea of an appointment with Satan, try incorporate your fitness routine into your way to work. Can you leave the car at home and walk? Get off the bus a few stops early? If you have an opportunity to use your legs take it!

Bum buster

There is a bum impression embedded into my office chair. I spend 9 to 10 hours per day in that chair. Multiply that my 5 and you can understand why my chair and derriere have become so close. I have obtained a pedometer which signals to me when I have been idle too long. This prompts me to get up and stretch my legs. These short little walks throughout the day have managed to increase my overall step count by 20%. Pedometers needn’t be expensive and are a very useful tool in opening our eyes to our current fitness limitations.

Lunchtime antics

Lucky enough to get an hour away from your desk during the day? Instead of spending it keeping the vending machine company get yourself out and get some fresh air. Take a work mate with you. While this might seem like a chore it will soon turn into habit and you will feel the benefits of a lunchtime stroll quickly. It also serves as wonderful bonding time for you and your colleague. Hopefully you actually like them.

Charity begins with your hips and thighs

There is nothing to get the skeleton moving like a good old charity event. Ever notice that people come out in force to jump out of planes or run marathons when cancer or sick animals are involved. Why not organise a charity fundraiser in work and get all your peers involved. Sign up for an activity and collect money for it. Not only is this exercise team building it is also a great way to get in shape without hitting the gym. Great ideas for charity events are triathlons or relay races as they foster good working relationships and require lots of training. There is no better motivation to carving out your buns of steel than seeing that wench Rebecca from accounts doing a one man practise relay around the car park.

Diet riot

Diet is so super important when it comes to being fit and healthy. Unfortunately working in an office environment sometimes impacts on our ability to be diet conscious. Especially when the office mother hen brings in her homemade mars bar squares. Make sure you are well stocked up on healthy and nutritious snacks. And never forget that protein is your friend so your drawer should be jam packed with nuts to rival a squirrel’s house.


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