3 Jobs You Can Get As A Personal Trainer

Personal trainers have been a boom lately all over the world. Fitness and wellness culture have become a trend and people are more aware of their health than they’ve ever been in history.

3 jobs you can get as a personal trainer

We all want to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle, but not many of have the consistency and discipline to actually make it happen. This is where personal trainers come into the picture, they are individuals that come alongside us whenever we decide to get fit. They guide us through different routines and help us reach our goal, or even help us analyze what our goal should be.

But what are some of the jobs you can get as a personal trainer? Can you only work one on one with people who have enough money to afford it, or is the field a bit more open to other opportunities? Is is worth it to choose this career path?

You would be surprised by how simple these options are, but hey! Let us help you find out!

Individual Personal trainning

This is commonly what comes to our minds when we think of personal training. Someone having a one-on-one session with a trainer either at home or at a park. This sessions are usually more costly because it involves the trainer bringing their own equipment unless the client has its own. But all in all it is a great way of making connections and building a trustworthy network of clients in different areas of your city or neighbourhood.

The pros of this style of training I guess it’s consistency. You will be working with the same person every time and you have give very personalized attention. The cons might be that you have to go to their place and take equipment, but hey unless you have a gym at home, that will almost always be the case.

Working in a Gym

If you are new to the job, this might be a great way to start! When you work in a gym, it is way easier to build connections, because people are mostly assigned to you as part of their membership. In some cases customers might have to pay extra in order to access a personal training service, but if you can get a job training at a gym, that already gives you a fixed salary.

If you work in a gym you can not only build connections with customers, but you can also build connections with other fitness professionals. These people can help you continue to develop your skills and can also give you some more advice about job opportunities.

Group training

This one I’ve discovered a few weeks ago because a friend invited me to be a part of one. No gym? No problem. Use parks or public open spaces to train a group of people. This is for people who prefer working out outside instead of joining a gym, and who maybe cannot afford to have you come to their house and train them alone.

Group training is always fun. Trainers create a routine and divide the people in pairs, so they can still workout with someone directly. Then they make what seems like an obstacle track and the timer starts the action! You could start by making a what’s app or a social media group in which you tell your friends that they can have a free or low price trial. Everything from that moment on will be history.

On the investment side of things, you will need your own training equipment and also a music device so people feel motivated. It is also smart to build a social media page in order to get more clients and connections.

Online personal training

This might be more effective once you’ve had your own client base built, but have you ever thought about creating online resources for training? Youtube channels are the proof of this job nowadays along with social media fitness accounts.

You could choose the method of showing a routine by yourself, or even train a few people and show it online. Other than that you could create plans depending on the goal people are trying to reach like: “Toning muscles in 7 weeks” or similar titles.

The great aspect of online teaching or online presence is that you can get sponsorship as part of your income. And based on what content you usually present to the public, you could be invited to events or workshops.

Personal training is a great choice overall! And even better if it is something that you are passionate about! You truly have to be someone special in order to inspire other people to live a healthier and better life. So why not? There is always an open door for a personal trainer in someone’s life.

Have you ever had any experience training people? What are your favorite aspects of it and what where your challenges? Let us know!


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